Winter Blahs

A recollection of the last week and our outings. I can assure you that on most home days, I don’t get dressed. Though I did yesterday because I was feeling particularly ambitious after cleaning up my room.

Monday – Left the house to go to the Clinic for the children’s shots.

Tuesday – Watched TV. Birthday. Morella was ill from shots. Left house briefly to buy a cake and some side salads at HyVee.

Wednesday – Stayed home. Soren was here.

Thursday – Went to the UW Hospital for adult immunizations. I got five shots. Tim got four. My arms hurt and Tim said he was rock solid. Later I took the kids to a Ho-Chunk language lesson, Micheal’s and Target.

Friday – Stayed in the house all day. Soren was here. We took naps. Tim had a reaction to his immunizations and was fevered and sick.

Saturday – Took the girls to the Post Office and then Mall to play with the Train Table at Barnes and Nobles and then get a Calendar with Sigrid and Matt — the played in those car carts that you have to rent for awhile.

Sunday – Stayed in all day. The kids left for 40 min to play outside while Tim shoveled.

Yesterday we instituted – “No More Milk in Sippy Cups” rule. Which is, you only get milk with meals and that is it. Otherwise you get a water in your cup, and most importantly, you get water in your cup when you go to bed at night. Morella was pretty worried about it, but in the end was okay. She didn’t eat much last night, but then again neither did Neeners.

This morning she woke up at 7 and ran into our room saying “I am hungry!” Tim got up to get her some breakfast but she didn’t eat anything. She sipped some milk and then went back to bed only to emerge five minutes later saying she needed to “spit up”. So she went to the bathroom and spit up. She worked on a saltine after that, and then barfed it up a bit later. Currently she is on her second piece of toast — we feel that might be too early but the girl is hungry and gobbling it up. We’ll see.

Okay so I do get out of the house … occasionally. But you know, when it is warm and sunshiny (it is not sunny today) then I leave the house for several hours each day. In the height of summer awesomeness we only spend a few hours inside a day.

So the girls are watching a lot of TV this morning. They usually never watch more than an hour a day — broken up, so days like this is a holiday. I am not sure what to do with myself in these cases since they are so absorbed. Do I take a nap? I spent a lot of the morning reading articles all over the internet. I can’t remember the last time I went surfing actually looking for things to read. Generally it feels like I am catching up when I am on.

The coffee is gone and it’s not even 11. I am showered and dressed though, so that is a plus. So when is Neeners gonna get this? Tomorrow? Later today? They were kissing and hugging each other Saturday night so any hope of not having shared germs was lost then. Maybe Neeners nagging cough (she coughed so much two days ago that she barfed) is keeping it at bay.

Maybe I will think of this an golden opportunity to do more “deep” cleaning of the house. Last week the floors were all hand scrubbed. I found the floor to my bedroom yesterday. I should keep up with the theme of clearing off surfaces. I have a pile of papers all over the place that need to be addressed.

Oh, gotta make more toast.

Friday morning

My arms are still sore today, but not like last night. I actually had to take some medicine for that, and I went to bed around 12:00 and was asleep by 12:30. That is like a new record. I got up this morning with Neeners at 7:15 and then dozed for awhile while letting Neeners watching Thomas the Train on Netflix next to me.

Looks like we might be heading out the last week of February for India, which gives me a month to get things in order. I am starting to formulate a fantasy that I can declutter and clean this house to amazing specs before the trip so that when we return it will be .. nice.

The girls are sitting on the floor watching Little Bill. They have a My Little Pony tea pot house sitting on a plastic bagged 30 rolls of Cottenelle toilet paper with mardi gras beads drapped all over it. Right now it is their “Teaboat”. Ha ha. Teaboat/train. I got the girls some $1 spray bottles last night at Target with the idea that we would go out with some colored water and spray the snow, but Neeners lost her freaking straw in the car ride home. I hope I can find it this morning and that she didn’t actually lose it at Target. I guess I can use the old, washed out Frebreeze bottle if that is the case….sigh. Neeners. Morella did say we couldn’t do it in other people’s yards because that might bother them too much. They might say “What the hay?”

Shots and Passports

We got our passports today! I stood there looking at the mail for a full minute trying to comprehend why we had flat rate envelopes addressed to each of us and how that was weird for junk mail. Then it occurred to me the actual contents and we all opened them up and jumped around excitedly. Now we can buy our tickets and get our visas! India here we come!

Today was the grown up turns to get jabbed with needles. I was expecting three shots tops for me: typhoid, flu and tetanus, but to my delight I got Hepatitis A and polio (again). My arms are very painful right now and I just took some ibuprofen and am drinking a cider to drown the pain. Oy. Tim says that he is having no problems. I am sure you are all relieved to know that. The girls were good being there too and I think it was important for them to see that grown ups get shots too. Maybe it lessens the pain they were in.

Morella slept in until 9:30 this morning after going to bed last night at 7:30 and then she took a big 2 hour nap in the after noon and then went to bed at 9:00. I am shocked that she is sleeping so much. Maybe she is still processing her shots but also, maybe she is growing. They are starting to get through their clothes faster. It will be fun trying to figure out what to bring to India — lots of summer dresses, t-shirts and shorts — which will hopefully make it easier to pack and treat the clothing with insect protection.

Tonight we had our first ho-chunk language lesson of the year and it went well. After that I took the girls to Micheal’s to look around. I got a $2 dollar grab bag that had a ton of great things in it. It was like Christmas in a plastic bag. Then we went to Target to get some toothpaste and more band aid’s because the girls go through those things like candy. I was getting tired of using berry flavored Aim. I like having a minty mouth after brushing my teeth.

I think I might actually be able to go to bed at a decent time tonight and hopefully not sleep in too late tomorrow. We don’t have any plans for this weekend. I wonder how we will fill it. It’s has been awhile since we had nothing on the docket.

Ugh, I don’t have anything else to say right now. This past weekend I had a lovely dinner party hosted by my friend Lowen on Saturday. I got to play Catch Phrase for a few rounds and that was exciting and we did fondue. Then Sunday we had Madison’s best brunch at the Fitchburg Great Dane. Monday the girls got their shots and earned themselves a new pony and an afternoon of TV watching on the couch. Morella got four shots and she had a fever from them on Tuesday, which was my birthday. We stayed in the whole day — with a short outing to get a cake and some side salads to accompany our bagels and lox dinner. Tim gave me a drill set and some Walking Dead comics, Catch Phrase, more memory for the Xbox so we could download more Borderlands games and a new download. I gave myself an owl rug, trash can, shower hooks and a bath towel set. Tim’s Mom gave me a black and white Owl handmade pillow case and gift card to the movies and my only birthday card. My friend Laima gave me a post card book, and my friend Emily gave me a new journal. I think I made out pretty good!

Now begins the 36th year of my life — I can’t say I am in my late 30′s but I still stand by being middle aged. :P

Snow Day & First Poop

Today I intend on having a nice quiet day at home. No drama, no stress, no nothing. Right? It’s going to snow 4-5 inches so that will make it easier. I plan on making a batch of awesome chocolate chip cookies. All children will get along and Soren will take a decent nap, if he knows what is good for him. At first I thought it wasn’t going to be possible because you need 3 sticks of butter, but guess who found an extra pound on the bottom shelf? This lady! Ha ha, who has extra pounds of butter floating around their fridge?

I was just talking with Tim last night about how Neeners and Soren are competing for attention, and how by next year these two are going to be best buds. It’s hard to see it right now because Soren hasn’t passed the 17 month mark, but it will come.

Yesterday after an enormous fight with my Mom calling to ask for money, I took the kids to the Children’s Museum. They hadn’t left the house since Tuesday when I took them out to play in the front yard….and before that it was … oh I don’t know, Sunday. It was the coldest day of the year and we haven’t been there in like 8 months, and I had let my membership lapse back in October. I was going to wait until I knew I was going to need it — like now. Off we went and got there around 12:30. We played for 20 minutes and then ate lunch and then played more for a total of 3 hours being there. I maxed out our parking for once. I LOVE going there around that time because everyone is home with their napping kids.

I think we will be going more often now that Neeners is older and is more interested in playing with the things and doesn’t need a nap. Those pesky naps. I know people love them. I loved them…but honestly putting life on hold for them and walking around them like you are eggshells sucks. I find it way easier to just go about our day and then if a kid crashes out for a 1/2 hour later on, then so be it.

We came home and watched Super Why while Neeners while we all passed out on the couch for a while. Neeners actually fell asleep in the car ride home and Morella and I just rested and chilled. OH I made myself one of those Trader Joe’s Instant Coffee with Sugar and Cream coffee’s and it’s good. Yeah, it is. I might have to go back and buy more of them. It was $3 something for 10 packets, which is a lot cheaper than the starbucks version that doesn’t even have cream and sugar in it. :P It is just nice to have an instant option late in the day when going back out is a pain in the ass, as is making another pot of coffee. Plus, I feel very European having instant coffee in the afternoon.

Big news last night. After going to the bathroom countless times to rip off little pieces of paper and stick them in butt (trying to push the poop back in), reading books and singing songs and trying and trying and trying, I gave up and went back to the living room to work on a duplo maze when I heard a miracle “Mommy! I pooped in the potty.” I rushed in there to see two small turds sitting in the potty and Neeners standing there pant-less. I I checked her pull up (which she still had on after an museum accident) and it was clean, as was her butt — she really did sit down and let poop fall out of her butt! Hurray! I promised her soda if she could do it and I had to pay up. I went into the kitchen too look for it and discovered I only had Coke Classic. No way on earth would I give those kids coke a 1/2 hour before bedtime. So I called my neighbor and asked if she had a can of clear soda she could spare and ran over to get it. She had Sprite Zero. I guess I need to go and buy some pooping soda today. Or walk there…oh I guess I could sled them there. Park our sled next to the building…chances are someone would steal it though.

Last night while Tim was at gaming I sat on the couch and watched TV: Modern Family, Once Upon a Tim (The queen is beautiful…come on, she is….and there is just something about Rumplestitskin…and the new guy in town IS very handsome). I finished the evening with some ridiculous Family Guy and Big Bang Theory before going to bed. I hate periods. I wish I could turn them off. I still think those women who talk about how awesome or powerful or whatever they feel about it are deluded.

Oh the show is over. I guess it is time to turn of the TV and let the girls start fighting about something.

Stressful Day!

Yesterday was nuts and easily the most stressful day I have had in ages. When everyone was in bed, I went to bed myself covered in my down comforter, regular comforter and flannel sheets, in my owl pajamas, long sleeve shirt and hoodie, as well as cozy fleece socks with my Ipad. I had a beer on my side and pandora on on the background while I surfed the net and played Words with Friends. This is one of my new favorite winter activities…getting as hot as I can in bed. I did it by accident a couple weeks ago when I was very anemic and it was wonderful. I know find myself looking forward to these kinds of nights.

Normally on a Wednesday I try to leave the house. In the winter it usually means to watch a movie. I love watching movies because I can immerse myself fully into the story and forget about everything else for two hours. If I watch movies at home, I get distracted by all the crap that needs to be done and my fingers get fidgety and demand something to do so I have to multitask. If I don’t then I feel guilty about not doing anything but watching TV. At the theater, well then, that is watching a movie and I paid for the right to just sit there and enjoy it. It is very revitalizing and afterwards I feel a little more alive than usual. ;)

Last night I didn’t go because Neeners had slipped on a piece of fabric and hit her head. She cried for about 30 seconds and then suddenly stopped and started to fall asleep. I swear she did pass out for a second or two because she was disorientated for about 5 minutes afterward and quiet and sedate for about an hour. Tim and I were scared so we called the nurse and she talked us down a bit, so we went with the watch her route. Tim had also checked her pupils just after it happened as we kept her awake and she was okay. She went to bed okay, coughed a ton a little while later and I gave her some honey. At one point she did night walk and so I scooped her up and put her to bed with me. When she woke up later she went back to her own bed. Still by morning, Neeners was poking me in the ribs chattering on and on about … uh I don’t know because I am so tired and waking up. Hence, Neeners survived the night unscathed! Hurray!

The other not so joyful things that happened yesterday, included calling a furnace repairman to come and change our filter for $93 dollars (Thank goodness I had that 25 dollar off coupon). Apparently the dust from the drywall finally made it’s way through the duct work and clogged the filter right away. For the record Tim HAD changed it only 2-3 weeks prior. If drywall dust gets in the filter it is unable to function at all. “Intolerant” our cheerful technician said. Why not? We paid him nearly a hundred dollars for 3 minutes of work. :P

Then we noticed that the corner ceiling in the office was looking wet. So we had to bring in a water specialist or two, a handy man or two to all look at it and in the end decide it was from a small ice dam, and we need to snow rake higher up on the roof, turn off the humidifier for awhile (even though Neeners still has croup it actually doesn’t seem to help her one way or the other), and eventually get a house audit for energy efficiency.

Then mid way through the day we got a surprise visit from our Ho-Chunk language instructor who stopped by to give us his new schedule for the year and drop off some new materials. Morella made sure to show him all her most important peacock items.

Throughout all of these phone calls, visits and trying to figure out what we need to do, the kids were NOT cooperating. Neeners and Soren are locked in the immortal battle of rivalry, especially after 1:00. So for the last three hours of Soren Time they were each taking turns crying, crying together and throwing tantrums left and right. Morella would throw in a temper tantrum or two herself when she felt she was being too ignored. It was so ridiculous that at one point I recorded the them on the video recorder for future chuckles. :P Because I am sure in a couple years it will be funny. Oh, it wasn’t that bad. I mean, it helps so much to know that one of them goes away at 4 and the other will probably pass out from exhaustion. I can’t imagine having that all day, every day. And of course, they are only at their worst when you have house worries to deal with immediately.

You know, I would have liked to have seen a woman repair technician come to the house for a home problem. They were all male. The only women I got to interact with were the ones who answered the phones.

Oh and then to top it all off, I had one more unexpected visitor that will annoy me for the next 3-4 days — Aunt Flo. BAH! If ever there was a day I was glad to see the behind of, this was it.

Onto today. I got to sleep in until 8 (thanks Neeners), made some coffee and the girls have been playing together well. I made them some toaster strudels for breakfast and have planted myself on the couch with delicious coffee at my side. There have been a few trips to the bathroom because Neeners keeps wandering in there to rip little pieces of toilet paper and flush it after pulling her pants down. She is trying to poop. She knows to go to bathroom but we can’t get her to sit on the potty and just … do it. She hasn’t pooped in two days! Well, actually that isn’t true. She did poop two days ago but only a little bit. She was throwing an immense tantrum and I guess straining herself so much that some poop escaped. But it was only a teeny bit, so it shouldn’t count for much.

Alright, I am starting to feel more like myself again. Besides I gotta finish the letter to my Mom that I tried to write yesterday.


–Neenrs is coughing up a storm tonight. I gave her some medicine to see if that will help, but so far not yet. I wonder if she caught that weird coughing thing Morella had last week or two weeks ago. She finally stopped and is feeling better. Meanwhile Tim is under the weather with a mysterious bug that has him feeling miserable. I, however, feel like a million bucks since the iron supplementation kicked in. I can’t believe how bad I had let the anemia go, just goes to show you when it is slow building, you don’t notice it. Hurray for feeling better — for me at least.

–had Chuck, Kathleen and Daphne over for a successful playdate on Saturday. I love playmates with older kids because they keep themselves occupied enough to let the adults visit.

–Today we went to the Big Backyard in Brookfield for my nephews 1st birthday party. A ball was had by all.

–Last week we had another birthday party for one of the kids in Morella’s playgroup at Madtown Twisters. They loved running around, jumping and climbing. I like that we have had these opportunities to get the kids out and physical. Though maybe that is where they have been catching their mystery bugs. Ahh winter.

–Applied for our passports as a family last Wednesday. Now it is a waiting game for the passports to arrive and then schedule when we will leave for India and buy our tickets…and of course the million other things we will have to do.

–Dr. Appointments have been schedule to make sure we have the best immunization possible for the week of my birthday.

–We officially refinanced our house for 3.875 interest on Thursday. We will save about 200 a month and 30k over the life of the loan.

–I finally cleaned the house. This is big because I had been feeling so poorly for so long. I can’t believe how much more energy and zest I have again. I am even doing the push up challenge again and keeping up. The goal is to do do as many push ups for the day of the year. It is easy now at 15. Last time I made it to 90 something and the benefits to strength lasted quite a long time. Totally worth it.

–we just beat Borderlands and the zombie download again and have moved onto the underdone download. Tim also got me going on the Walking Dead Comics, and I have finished book 4 and am anxiously awaiting birthday comics.

–oh yeah and we started potty training Neeners last week. So far so good, except she hasn’t pooped on the potty yet and is in great distress about it.

unseasonably warm

Today the temperature hit 51 F. That is amazing, and it indeed broke records for being so warm. I took the girls out shopping to Target for what I hope is the last box of diapers we ever have to buy for Neeners and shopped with Lowen a bit. Afterward we went tot Walgreens to get our passport photos taken…I can’t tell you how adorable Neeners turned out. When it was her turn she stood in front of the white screen and looked down. We asked her to look up and she didn’t, instead she started to get that look of a ‘no’ tantrum brewing and then Tim said “I will get candy after this is done…” and her face immediately lit up into a smile We asked her not to smile and she dropped it, but at the very last second one side of her mouth went up … oh we’ll I should take photo of the photos so you can see. ADORABLE!

One thing I was sad about was thinking about how in 10 years I am going to look back on what a whippersnapper I am now. Sigh.

Anyway. So then we came home and the girls rode their scooter outside while I vacuumed the car. Then we all went on a family dog walk. I made fish sticks and mandarin orange and spinach salad with home made dressing (feta and almond slices) and we ate. Then I played with the girls for an hour and put them to bed.

Morella got up only once and I even worked on a project in which I painted some wood with old paint and stuck glitter on it. tomorrow I intend on gluing some fancy pictures to it before screwing in a ton of little cup hooks. I plan on hanging this in my room and draping dozens of necklaces and bracelets on it. While I was working on that I watched the movie Possession, which I know is a favorite for some of my friends. It was nice.

Today was good. Very productive and lots of little tasks were completed. I realized however after the girls went to bed that I had overdone it. It is so difficult to restrain yourself on the first full day of feeling better.

Oh Laima came over with the auctions Tim and I had won from her party. I took photos of the cards and the end result, which I will share you when I get around to hooking up the laptop again.

Lastly, I am feeling melancholy over putting the Christmas decorations away this weekend. In particular the Christmas clock that plays songs every hour. The next time we take it out and hear those tinny tunes the girls will be 3 and 5 and a whole year will have passed filled with exuberant life. But it will go by so fast. So very fast.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

This year has been off to a weird start. On New Years eve Tim and I went to Laima’s every other year (biannual?) NYE party while Amber the awesome babysitter watched TV and occassionally put a sleep walking kid back to bed. The party was wonderful with photo op boxes, brown bag auction of stuff — Did I win anything Laima?, and fondue. But about 45 min before midnight I started to feel hot and then got a bad case of body ache. You know how you feel when you have the flu with a bad fever? How your whole body just aches and it hurts to exist? Well, it was like that. At Midnight we left and came home and I was in bed by 12:30. But during that time I realize that these symptoms were familiar and the cause is my winter enemy — iron deficiency. Ugh!

So I started some supplementation aand working on eating iron rich foods (none of which I had consumed for at least a month or two) but it took until today for me to even feel a semblance of myself. Sunday we visited the grand family but I was so tired and ill feeling that it was a bit of a blur. Monday I felt marginally better but stayed in bed for the majority of the day. Tuesday better yet — and I got some vitamin b-12 in addition to a different kind of Iron supplement than my old stash. Today…finally…relief.

So apparently one of my new years resolutions is to consume more iron. My other new years resolutions are all of them. Yep. I am going to:

1. Lose weight
2. Get fit
3. Get out of debt/budget
4. Learn something new
5. Quit smoking
6. Drink less
7. Spend more time with friends and family
8. Get organized
9. Enjoy life more
10. Help others

There. Some of these are in the bag. An actually by trying… I mean to say, “I’ll keep it in mind” and see what happens.

In fantasy land my real goals would be:

1. Go to bed at a decent hour like say…10 or something.
2. Declutter the heck out of this place
3. Keep writing my Mom every day
4. Write more in general
5. Ho-Chunk language

okay, so they aren’t fantasy land…so why not just add them to the rest, for a total of 16 (remember iron is one too).

Anyway, in other news I went to our first book club meeting of 2012 to discuss Crossing to Safety by Wallace Stegner. I started it last night at 7:30 and finished the last chapter at the meeting while we ordered.. I thought it was good and I really like the writing style, flow and descriptions. I liked the emotions it evoked. We had 8 people show up, which was awesome. We have such a good book club. Next up for February is Nurture Shock. It is nice to throw in a parenting book every now and then since we all did meet from socializing our first borns.

So there, I read a book, cared for three kids 4 and under while doing so (and they weren’t easy today) and made a healthy, nutritious dinner from scratch — oh yeah and went to book club. ;) oh and there was a play date yesterday, so I am practically a social butterfly!

Nice day out recap

Morella has croup, going on a week and half now (that I have kept track of). I have been giving her honey before bedtime and have a cool mist humidifier in her room running at full steam (heh). But I only started that part yesterday. Tonight she seems just as bad as before and right at night her voice gets barky and she starts coughing. Should I take her to the doctor? I had always assumed that this was something that was a side effect of a cold (which she didn’t have) and that it would just go away after a day or two. This doesn’t seem to be going away. It also doesn’t affect her during the day at all. She doesn’t cough, have a fever or seem in low spirits, yet at night she is miserable. Ugh. Why can’t I download a pediatrician app into my head?

I had a pretty good day with the girls. We have been holed up in the house for the last couple of days. At first it was post Christmas destressing, then it became something where I was trying to work up a good cabin fever. But you know what I just realized? I have started to get the blues the last few days….there might be a link here. I had to get out of the house today because we ran out of coffee. Getting coffee is apparently one heck of a way to motivate me to get into the shower, get the kids dressed and write up a list for things we need to get at Target. I stopped my McDonalds to get a starter coffee and dropped one off for Tim before we went to the distant Target to shop. I was going to stick to my list, but I got suckered into the 50% off stuff and the girls were so well behaved sitting in the cart playing with 50% off giraffe’s that I lingered far too long. You know what I mean. While I was shopping I drank an entire large Starbuck’s coffee, so I was feeling pretty good at the end of the trip. Good enough to go to Old Navy and see what they had to offer — and drink my still warm McDonald’s coffee on the way there.

Old Navy was great and I stocked up on some of my favorite things for a fraction of the price I would have paid going sooner. I got two new hoodies and can’t wait to get rid of my old, dirty stained ones. I even got a new dress for 8$. After that we went home and unloaded our goodies and then scurried the kids outside to play and pick up dog poop. Neeners eventually got cold only wearing a coat and we went back inside. I left to Old Navy to return a hoodie I got for Tim because it was hung wrong and I got the wrong size. Oh a side note, the kids totally charmed everyone there by each putting one of the straps of their bags over their shoulder and carrying my bag for me while singing “Teamwork!” Those kids are so totally awesome.

Anyway. I ran back and exchanged it for the last one. If I had waited until tomorrow then I would have been out of luck. Came back home and Neeners passed out on my chest while I looked at the internet and made Christmas scene’s out of 50% off foam stickers with Morella. Then when she work up we played My Little Pony and then I took the kids to Tex Tubb’s for some fish tacos while Tim went off to his weekly game. I told the girls the MLP’s wanted to eat tacos which motivated them to want to go in the first place. Once we were there we made every other little girl and some boy scouts, jealous of our ponies. But, my girls sat in their seats, ate their dinner and were so well behaved. I predict some ponies heading out to eat with us in the future. Way better than stupid crayons, which by the way we got too because those were 50% off too (glitter ones by crayola? Cool!). I had only eaten a McChicken, 1/4 of a cookie and a chocolate (another 50% find) so I devoured my food too fast and ate too much. I was so full when we got home. I haven’t felt like that in a very long time so all I wanted to do was sit on the couch and watch The Long Road to Christmas while playing Words With Friends.

THEN I found out what was making our house smell disgusting. Okay, I know you want to know, but it is a little embarrassing to admit. We made a crock pot turkey breast for Christmas dinner. After I had cleaned it and put away the leftover I just put the lid on the rest of the stuff, and juices in the crock pot and put it over by the sink — where it became neglected because both Tim and I hate to clean to crock pots. That, my friend, was a very disgusting smell. I think it was hidden for so long because 1. we hate cleaning clunky pans and 2. it’s colder in the kitchen so it took longer to rot.

ANYWAY….problem taken care of and a new vow to try and take care of that sort of thing right away instead of procrastinating for almost a freaking week.

I feel like I had more to say but I have been on the computer now for over and hour and it’s past midnight and I am tired and have been berating myself for not going to bed sooner. I have slept in this week too late for too many days. I felt a little bad this morning after Morella happily exclaimed to Tim “We were really hungry this morning so we fed ourselves! We had lots of grapes and candy from the candy houses.” Ugh. Need to do better!