(NOTE: This is my 1,000th post!!!!)

Bacon Bit Progress

I updated the montage to include the 26 week photo (which I never had time to post) and this weeks.
Bonus pictures include, me with my shirt down:

And the reason that you never see the my OTHER side (aside from consistency reasons):

I managed to get most of my back surgery scar into this image, but this isn’t the best image because you can’t see the little cross where they had the suction, and then on my belly button I have a four inch hernia scar. These are some pretty good reasons to not wear a bikini — *cough* (aside from never having the figure to wear one). On the other hand, if I DID have the figure, I might wear these scars like some people wear tattoos.

Bacon Bit Update:

  • The crotch pain feels exactly how you would imagine bones loosening up and separating — while you are walking, especially fast. Which goes to say, that I can’t really be doing all that fast walking, no matter how good I feel everywhere else. I also feel the pain at night when I am turning from side to side.
  • Tired again. I have found that the afternoon nap is back in full force. If you call me between 3 and 5, chances are that I am asleep. If I do pick up the phone, I am probably crabby. :P
  • Bending over to put on socks or pick up stuff, is starting to get a little ungainly. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it sure isn’t as easy as it used to be!
  • Getting a little more breathless, especially at night.
  • Had the worse migraine ever when we came back from Maine — I am beginning to think that maybe Bacon Bit has attributed a bit to the intensity of these headaches because these are the worst I remember. However, I have to consider that it might because I just can’t take enough medication to wipe it out, so in reality I am just naturally working through more of the pain.
  • I think my nails are FINALLY starting to grow a little faster. Cool. I was waiting for that to happen the whole time. My hair however, still feels the same old limp self. :(
  • I like coffee again! I discovered this two weeks ago (to today!) and it’s awesome! It no longer has that really bad after taste.
  • I realized I have lost the ultimate thirst. While this might seem like a good thing, I am just worried that I have to work harder now at keeping hydrated. Anytime I feel vaguely crampy or have a tiny little stitch I run to a water source and gulp down as much as I can.
  • Bacon Bit’s movements are such that they now move across the entire belly. When the Bit is being particularly active, I can look down and see movement in up to three different surface areas of my belly.
  • Emotionally though? I still don’t feel like I have bonded or connected with the Bit. I just feel like this whole thing is so surreal. It’s something we wanted for such a long time, and now that it’s almost here….we (or maybe just me) just can’t feel like it’s real. I know they say if you do stuff like work on the room, or buy something, or …. I don’t know… for most people they seemed to believe it was real and honest to god happening when they heard a heart beat or saw it on the ultrasound. Sure those things were very reassuring to me, but at the same time it’s not in my hands. Maybe it comes down to…if I can continue to be very cautious and careful, then I won’t jinx anything and we will have a real, live Bacon Bit here come November.
  • That said, we are trying to get the motivation to work on things like the registry, and Tim has been making noise about painting the Bit’s room. (see! progress right there, I called it the Bit’s room). Plus, he said he would take down the foster kennel in the bedroom so that we can think about rearranging the room to accommodate a cosleeper. We can’ do it right now because our bed is at an angle. Plus, I bought this really awesome $3 dollar, three drawer side dresser I want to put on one side of the bed and maybe a lamp? Hm. It needs to be painted and have one of the feet adjusted (I am thinking a cork would fix that). I am excited about dressing up some furniture and making the bedroom a little more nice.
  • Swelling is about the same — more when there is lots of walking and high heat/humidity.
  • Oh the heat, is getting to be harder to handle. If I get overheated too quickly I start to feel sick and nauseous. I think it’s more the humidity.
  • Overall, though, I feel great! I am not wishing for the end … in fact it feels like things are really starting to just get interesting. :D Though I have yet to have anyone ask me when I am due. I guess I still look just fat. :P
  • Today and yesterday might be the start of a new trend — hungry days! Especially in the morning.

In other news

An old high school friend (as in I met her when I was high school) is coming to visit me today. She’s in her 60′s and I asked Tim to describe her “Oh you know, a early baby boomer who is into native american and spiritual things.” Ha ha. I guess that could work. She’s also VERY energetic and forgetful. Sadly, she is allergic to dogs and cats so we won’t be spending much time around here. Instead I have to find other places to go, and since it’s raining it’s looking like obrich Gardens might not be the best place to hang out. :( But where can we go to spend 5-6 hours?! Sigh.

Oh and then Tim informed me this morning that the car will need gas if I intend on tooling around…except I never got my lesson on how to pump gas!! I guess I am going to have to rely on Myrna’s help to get me through that hurdle.

We had our last estimate this morning on the water heater. He said he would get me an estimate by this afternoon or tomorrow, but we think it might be around 1300…which is the best deal I think. So if it is indeed what he says it will be, then we will go with him and hopefully have hot water by the end of next week. Living without hot water isn’t that bad though, really. Maybe it would be worse if it was winter.

Okay, I should pay some bills and then go vacuum the living room and do some general cleaning up. I would like to clean up the bathroom. It’s all fuzzy in there from dust and cat hair (by product of the AC being on so much). This morning when I went to the John for the third time, I noticed that there was a HUGE, monstrous sized centipede in the bathtub, along with a littler one. I tried spraying the monster with air freshener — didn’t work, it just freshed it up. Then I tried a generic bathroom cleaner — nothing, just made it jump around a little more. The fact that I could HEAR it jump just grossed me out. Finally I smashed it with a shampoo bottle (and the little sister) and flushed it down the toilet. I expect with all this rain that I am only going to be seeing more of them. :(

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