We had a fruit salad of watermelon, blueberries, raspberries and grapes with whip topping and a frozen pizza for dinner. It’s Tim’s game night so dinner has to be quick. I am currently working on a “beautifying the bedroom” project in which I paint a small three drawer dresser (for a night stand) and a bookshelf a sagey type green that I got blended specially at Home Depot. It’s a great afternoon for it…but I am worrying a little about getting the second coat done before night, and then there is the problem of moving it to the garage since it’s gonna rain! Crap! Maybe I should just put them in the garage and finish painting them on Wednesday or Thursday after the rain stops. Hm…but I want it NOW!!!

Sigh. Truth be told, I am feeling tired right now…moving around that much to get all the little spots has made me become incredibly aware of I am not very agile right now. Hm. Yeah, as much as I don’t want to admit defeat…I should just have Tim move them to the garage until the weather clears since they are dry right now. :( Here he is now….

Check it out…the Town of Wauzeka was evacuated!

Edit: An hour later

Fucking charter — our cable is out. I am glad that I came online to see if anyone else was experiencing this problem on livejournal’s madisonwi community and was …happy? to see that it wasn’t just me. I guess I am happy about it because then it just isn’t my cable that’s mysteriously fucked up. I just hate having to pay for shoddy — “you take what we give you” service. And they wonder why we don’t want to bundle EVERYTHING with them. :P

Yeah so. Tim has the laptop too, so I am left with the desktop computer…which is okay but …. my tummy is feeling big and in the way. A sure sign that I did too much compiled with eating dinner and we get — blah. I do have a new book I bought last night. I felt like I needed a trashy read so I got Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child’s – Brimstone. I hope it’s good. I guess I’ll find out soon enough as I’ll be reading it soon. I almost kind of want to do some creative crafty stuff….but that just isn’t gonna happen. I *want* to do it, I just don’t want to do it. If that makes any sense — in particular I am thinking that I want to make a batch of Thank You and Birthday cards. But see, that is easier said than done. I need an idea of how they should look, and then find all the crap and lay it out and then do it…and without the background of TV — well it’s dead to me. Yeah I could listen to the radio. I could.

Today at work my coworker gave me a bunch of baby clothes she got at a garage sale this weekend. It’s all really nice, quality stuff but about %50 of it has some stains on it. Honestly? I don’t really care because it’s only stains and Bacon Bit is inside for most of winter and these stuff is good winter gear. Besides, I’m sure the Bit will add enough stains as it is. Wow, we are starting to get a little collection going here!

We aren’t going to visit my Dad for Labor Day weekend like we always do because [hey I just remembered I have some netflix movies that i could watch and be crafty with...hm maybe not] because we are dog sitting Jack. I think we are going to visit him the 3rd weekend of September instead. In the meanwhile, since we are in town for the holiday we are going to have some folks over for a Labor day bbq on Saturday! With a fire later on…just like my Dad’s. Cool. That should be nice.

What else? uh…oh yeah we registered this weekend at Target and Babies R Us (actually I had done BRU with a friend of mine who was visiting out of town and is allergic to cats and dogs on Thursday). We still have Amazon to register with — but we have yet to do it. IT will be done…I promise but I wish there was a generic way to say — children’s books! Glider! and …. uh…. a month of service for a diaper service! yeah…we need to work on that. We were overwhelmed at Target and BRU — because it’s so unknown. It’s way different than registering for a wedding, you know? For a wedding it’s really for yourselves and you know what you need and what you don’t need. For a Bacon Bit it’s … we don’t know. Anyway, we did our best. The baby shower is going to be on October 7th. I was thinking of saying that if significant others come then they are welcome to hang out with Tim at the house, but I never got around to saying that to the hosts.

Okay I want to go and be vertical for awhile, and take out my contacts and perhaps read.

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