Taking a bath is hard work — getting up, getting down, shuttling water to and fro. I guess it’s a good thing we are finally getting our water heater replaced on Friday. Woo! Hot water again! Though really, it hasn’t disrupted our lives too much (except for the cleaning it up part).

Anyway. While I catch my breath — my to do list for today:

1. Take a bath!
2. Get dressed and redressed (I have to wear old clothes for my painting)
3. It didn’t rain last night…so take stuff out of garage and throw on a second coat of paint so it can dry before tonight.
4. Dishes
5. Put dishes away.
6. Put laundry away
7. Chicken pot pie for dinner
8. Coffee with Hilary and Leta

9. Call St. Mary’s to make an appointment for one of their hospital tours. Set for Sept. 30th at 4.30
10. Find recipe for chicken pot pie
11. Clean up around the living room
12. If painting is done, then install new furniture items in bedroom!
13. If painting is done, then make the bed using new comforter I got for $20 bucks

Uh, that’s good for now.

Bacon Bit was pretty active this morning. I am becoming more convinced that the Bit is NOT head down right now…oh well, there is plenty of time for things to change.

Okay off to paint!

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