I ordered some maternity clothes from OldNavy.com last week — which is a good thing because this week I was hit with a case of the “I’m exploding…I hate that effin’ scale…it can’t be right.” Which, really, is probably the case. I guess I’ll find out next Friday — but you know what? It’s okay. I am not going to worry about it — or at the very least I am going to my damnedest to try and not worry about it unless there is something to worry about (like a 8-10 pound weight gain in a week). I also spent some quality time looking at other belly shots of women between 29-30 weeks and … well I am about right. It’s just that I wasn’t liking most of my tops anymore.

I got the new clothes today: a wrap dress, a floral print shirt, two scoop neck t-shirts (grey and black) and a rib knit white tank top to wear underneath two white maternity shirts I got from the jen/sarah stash that I couldn’t wear because they see through. So I feel like my wardrobe just exploded with stylish, flattering options for clothes to wear. Just in the nick of time, when I am really feeling like I look pregnant.

Though, for the record, no strangers have asked me when I am due, or tried to touch the belly, or said anything like “you look like you are going to explode or have the baby any minute.” Last week, I did have a GPA friend exclaim “Are you pregnant?” but that isn’t the same as a complete stranger whose never met me, you know. I guess this might be a good thing, but reading about so many women complain about it, I am starting to feel like I might be missing out on something. ;)

Tomorrow our water heater is finally being replaced and at the same time a chimney liner is being installed, all for the low low price of $1150. Yeah…. well, we can always say that there is a new water heater when/if we ever sell…right? I can’t say that it’s been too terrible living without it, because it hasn’t. Though it’ll be a little easier washing dishes I guess…and bathing..though the bathes were a nice change of pace. I am staying home for this…and I am finally returning the fetal doppler I had rented back in week 14. I was thinking of one last listen tomorrow morning before it heads off. I only used it for a handful of times and each time, it was quick. Once I heard the heartbeat and listened for a few seconds, I turned it off and put it away. You know, just in case Bacon Bit was annoyed or something.

The Bit has been moving around ALOT lately. It’s kind of cool to feel a whole … ham move. I think positions in are in flux right now…I felt a kick near my ribs on my right side for the first time today. Though that could be a fluke really…because I haven’t felt it again. Most of the kicking type movements are still centered low in my pelvis.

I got an invitation to my baby shower today! I was going to use it to make a guest book, but the mailing sorter ripped a corner of it off. I hope that Hilary has an extra one laying around. Oh here she is now, I should ask her. [asks....she says yes, she does have another one.] That reminds me, that I just have so many things that I would eventually like to put in a scrapbook…everything from the appointments maybe…the ultrasounds, the pictures of pregnancy, the baby shower invitation…etc. Right now I am just sort of collecting it all in a file folder (box type thing). Of course I don’t want to start that project until the Bit gets here.

Tim is going to paint the guest room this weekend a palette of oranges…I’m excited. I have hated that lavender color in the guest room ever since we moved in, but we just never really did anything about it. Besides, who stays in there except the occasional guest who isn’t deathly allergic to cats or dogs. Orange fosters creativity, and Tim said it will go along with her astrological sign (Scorpio). I said “Great, TWO mooody, broody people in the house…” Ha ha. That’s okay, I can handle it. :D

So far having Jack in the house is pretty easy going. He’s such a mellow Pluto like dog. Though he does seem to like me more than Tim. It’s a strange feeling having a dog like me more than Tim. Though the difference is infinitesimal. Because you know, Tim is like St. Francis of Assisi….all babies, kids and animals seem to flock to him like he is gold. I don’t know he does it. It must just exude some kind of pheromone. Me? I have to work at it. Have you ever noticed that people like that just take it for granted too? Sheesh.

Okay…what is something that I am good at? Hm. I am good at….at….giving unsolicited advice. :P Speaking of which, I should go to bed. I’m tired and my afternoon nap wasn’t very good.

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