We rearranged the bedroom and ever since it’s become the favorite place in the world for the cats to hang out. This morning I decided to go back to bed and read for awhile after I declared Tim being in a bad mood. You see, I was eating this blueberry minimuffin with some cream cheese on top and started gagging…so I went to the garbage to spit it out and got a whiff of cat stench (from cleaning the cat box), plus you know the garbage is pretty full I guess. ANYWAY I needed to get out of the kitchen for a moment and stepped into the living room to compose myself. Yes, I perhaps gagged a little more and Tim hollered at me “Go to the bathroom! I don’t want to clean up that mess!”

I replied “NO! I can stand here if I want, I am not going to throw up. It’s just a little gagging. Sheesh.” I stomped back into the kitchen and muttered “baby.”

I only threw up three times — once when I was very ill with that stomach bug, the second time with that nasty special K cereal with chocolate bits, and the lastly the other month when I got overheated on the bus (got off early, was sick and then cooled off enough to walk the rest of the way to work). A little blueberry muffin isn’t going to do anything. :P

So yeah. Tim christened the new water heater with a shower, tried to get the dogs ready for a meet and greet (but outside is SO full of hungry skeetos) and then packed up and left. I have a wonderful time at home when there is only me and the kitties…I can only imagine how I will feel after 10 years when Bacon Bit (and maybe crouton?) are at camp and we have the house to ourselves. Ahhh.

After a few more chapters and finishing my decaf coffee, I took a shower and thought about what I need to do today. I have some folks coming over for a bbq tomorrow afternoon/evening and need to: clean the kitchen, living room, bathroom, deck….hm. I am not going to kill myself over it though. It’s not like it’s the Holiday party where everyone is inside the whole time, and I have to do decorating and cooking to boot. I washed two loads of dishes and then decided to take a break while the latest rack is drying to hop on the internet and look around.

I don’t know why I am so chatty lately. I just am. I hope you don’t mind.

Anyway, I think I’ll finish the dishes, brush my hair so it can finish drying straight and wipe down the counters. I also want to pop in some music and light some incense… I love incense burning with the windows open. By the time I am done with that, Tim should be home. I wonder what else is on his list for the day. He was thinking of painting Bacon Bit’s room this weekend…I wonder if he will.

Oh so yesterday, I exercised my right as a driver and drove around the immediate neighbhorhood looking for garage sales. I only found two. The first on I got two anthologies of science fiction (I love short stories) and a pair of sunglasses, and the second …. well, the second one I had to ask if the woman would accept a personal check, and assured that I only lived two blocks up and she could come after me if she wanted. Anyway, they had a HUGE collection of the mint quality baby and kids clothes all priced between 50 cents to a dollar. Most of the baby stuff was girls…and so I started looking. I asked the ladies there how fast babies grow out of that 0-3 month clothing, and they said in about a month. They said that they spend a good chunk of time in the 3-6 range, and more time in the 6-9 range…so I focused my search on that since those are winter months. Looking for long sleeved sleepers and outfits…man…it was such good quality clothing, with no stains and in great condition! I ended up getting about 15=20 outfits I think and a cute little green frame with bugs on it for 19 bucks. I would say about 1/2 of that stuff had never been worn. I was pretty pleased with this… :) It was my first real shopping experience for Bacon Bit. I asked Tim if he wanted to see the clothes later and he said he would rather be surprised when Bacon Bit just starts to wear them. What a typical dude.

I got some information from the plumber who installed our new water heater yesterday on who to call for pulverized dirt to be delivered to our driveway. We need to regrade three sides of the house with dirt. I am thinking I want to do this in October when it’s cooler, but I am going to need help. I am actually thinking of asking Tim’s brothers if they would be willing to help us with project. Normally I would think nothing of rolling up my sleeves and attacking it with the DH…except in October I will hardly be in a position to be hauling dirt around. I would like to do this before winter so that when I move stuff to the basement I can be assured that it will stay dry. I am sick and tired of seeping. :P I think the cost will be about $200 bucks. Not to bad.

Okay. I guess I should get going and do something…it’s almost one and I won’t be done before Tim gets home now. Hm. I need to look up how to grill corn, and go and buy it today so that it can soak overnight. I know that much in the corn grilling process. I also need to call Phil and tell him he and his family is invited…or maybe I can pass that one off to Tim?

I’m kind of hungry now…that lame carb light bagel I had this morning isn’t cutting it. I wonder what I should make for lunch? Do I *want* to cook? Last night I ordered a margarheta pizza and fries from Glass Nickle for dinner. It was just enough for dinner so no leftovers. I did buy a bunch of green beans at Woodman’s…I could eat steamed beans with butter for lunch…that sounds awesome! I should also check the mail, but first I should prepare to be underwhelmed.

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