The skeeters are terrible. While waiting for the bus this morning I got bit three times, and I am am wearing long pants! I felt a little sorry for the other person because she was wearing a skirt and a sleeveless shirt…she was being swarmed! She said that she had even put some Cutter on her legs before leaving, but we all know that is worthless.

This weekend we had a BBQ on Sunday and had a few folks over. We didn’t go to my Dad’s like usual because we were dog sitting Jack. A favor that will be repaied on the weekend of the 22nd for Tim’s little brother’s wedding. Anyway, since we were in town (a rarity) we decided to have a little get together with some locals. Our biggest obstacle was the mosquitos. We bought a flying bug fogger and sprayed the surrounding area before it started, and then light one of those Off Lanterns, and then had a various array of bug repellents available. Later on we lit a campfire and for the most part, I think we were pretty bug free. Well, maybe no FREE but definitely lighter than usual. Just walking outside is sure to get you a swarm of at least 10-15 of the little buggers within a minute. Ugh. Terrible!

We had grilled corn, fruit salad, brats/hotdogs, potato salad, a lemon sponge cake thing I made (and I have hence decided that I am TERRIBLE at cakes and from now on I should just focus on what I AM good at — pies and other pasteries…but particularily pies). Though, folks were polite and said the cake was good, but I know better.

Amy was kind enough enough to drop off some baby stuff: a crib, bath, play pen, umbrella stroller and a bouncinette (like a little bassinette….except cooler). I am so glad that she passed that on to us! It’s crazy to see the room starting to fill with Bacon Bit items …. a few bags of clothes and now this?! We are going to be getting some other hand me down goodies from my friend Kathy this month: cosleeper, pack n play, running stroller, exersaucer, high chair, and I think a swing. The generosity of our friends just amazes me!

The invitations went out for the baby shower, set for Sunday, October 7th. I kept the list mostly to Wisconsin folk and two from MN, and a few from the Chicago area. Of course, I wish I could have invited everyone I knew for this celebration, but I had to be realistic on who I thought would make it. You know, I don’t often have parties for me. The last party for me was….well I think it was our wedding! I prefer to throw parties for other people or for my friends. Now of course, I am convinced that no one will want to go and be there and my co-hosting friends Hilary and Liama will be terribly disappointed that no one showed up and they wasted all that time and effort for nothing. Just remember guys, it’s not your fault…it’s probably mine –and really that would be more cake for me. ;)

Bacon Bit wise, I realized I have a new symptom Monday morning. It started a few weeks ago with a little pain in one or two fingers but by Monday it was both hands and it hurt hurt hurt! I developed pregnancy induced carpal tunnel syndrome! I always thought it was a wrist related injury not …. not your hands. I did some research and after after accepting that this is what my problem was, I went to bed wearing my wrist guards for Inline skating. I felt like a complete nerd doing so — but in the morning — my hands were cured! They didn’t hurt at all! I can’t freaking believe it!

Today, with the high humdity, I am swelling. My hands/feet are retaining some water and are a little bigger than usual. Nothing like plump sausages though…I am doing my best to drink TONS of water today and try to combat it as well as keeping things elevated. This morning’s walk to work whooped my’s the combo of a hill and three flights of stairs that make me gasp for breath. How am I gonna have a baby if I am tired like this already?! To my credit it is humid out there…but I think I might have to start working in more walks…if only the skeetos would abate so that I could!

I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow — I even have a few questions to ask: what do contractions feel like? Am I having a contraction when I am walking fast and my belly starts to really hurt on one side (like a stitch) … it doesn’t feel like the whole belly is contracting…just parts of it, and it doesn’t seem to happen it waves. I guess I just figured it was the uterus acting up telling me to take it easy, not that it was a contraction.

I forgot my other question, maybe it was related to the carpal tunnel. Oh wait, I remember now, I want to ask about what position she thinks Bacon Bit is in right now. Yeah. I should write those down.

I am also trying not to be worried about weight gain. For some reason I keep thinking my last appointment was only two weeks ago, but it’s not. It was a month ago. I need to keep *that* in mind. I guess since the belly has grown the fastest i the past month that I feel like this must be reflected on a scale. I am also sure that there is some pretty good water retention going on — at least there is today.

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