Photo Bonanza!!!
30 1/2 Weeks

Tim came home and helped me narrow these down and said….”Man you’re getting big.”
“Uh thanks,” I replied.
“No, I mean your belly,” he explained.


“Uh thanks,” I said. But you know, he’s right. This belly has totally exploded the past month. It’s incredible. I noticed yesterday while walking to the bus that I am starting to get looks directed towards the belly from strangers.

I got back from my doctor’s appointment and learned I gained 7 pounds for at total of 23 with Bacon Bit so far. I do have carpal tunnel — but I am doing what I should be doing, wearing my wrist guards. I also need to lay off the salt shaker because I am retaining the water. :( But the good news, is she said that it would go away after the Bit is born. In my defense (in regards to the weight gain in a month) was that I did spend part of that on vacation. Dude…but I guess my goal or the next two months is to only gain an additional 8 pounds….uh….okay. We’ll see about that

Bacon Bit is head down facing my right side. I can’t believe she can feel the head and spine…that just amazes me. I think the Bit moved into this position today. I felt lots of movement next to my upper right rib this afternoon — and this is completely new.

Heartbeat in the 150′s.

Blood pressure fine at 126/76 and I passed the protein test — yes! I graduated to the group of women who get to pee in a cup every time they go into the doctor’s office. I also got myself a green VIP pass that means I don’t have to check in at the front desk anymore. Cool. :) It’s like they are taking me seriously now! In two weeks I meet the OB for the first time — the one I picked to deliver Bacon Bit — who is due in October herself. After that I am meeting with Dr. Henry — the one that WILL deliver Bacon Bit (I hope) …. at least all of my remaining appointments are scheduled with him. I hope he’s not a creep.

The stitch pain that I feel after riding a bumpy bus, or walking fast is NOT a contraction. It’s round ligament pain. Truth be told, I am so far contraction free — and she said is normal. Hurray!

I got a refill on my tylenol with codeine so that I am prepared when the next big one hits. Hopefully it won’t, but you know, better prepared than not.

And because, if you are anything like me — then you would want to compare the 30 week to previous pictures…so here is the updated montage. You can also see any of the photos in the montage in bigger, individual detail in the picture file named Bacon Bit Progress to your left.

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