I scanned over 35 pictures last night. Whew! I rendered most of them this morning, and will add them when I get home tonight before O5 is on and maybe sipping a margaritta. Callie came and collected Tim and I at 9.30 to go to the Red Line. It was open mic night, but we managed to get a good hour of conversation in before the “talent” started (it was mostly a big sausage party). It was *very* nice to hang out with Callie and chat. It feels like ages even though it was at the beginning of the month. We talked until midnight when we went home. I had to get up a little earlier than usual because Kellie (my morning ride to work, aka train girl), had a doctor’s appointment and I had to take the train. Although when Tim and I walked out, it was street cleaning and our car was on the wrong side. Tim suggested that we drive to work. !!! We never drive to work for the hell of it. Cool. Since I would have been 45 min early, I just told him to go the parking garage and I would walk the 20 min to work. He bought me coffee this morning. *awww*

I am having a pretty good day.

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