I had my first “Oh shit we’re having a baby” moment yesterday. I was taking a midmorning nap, and had just woken up and gave myself a few more minutes to lounge in bed. I was thinking of that xbox 360, the glider, and the dirt we need for regrading the house, a carseat…and then I realized “After Mid November I will no longer be bringing in an extra $600 a month! What is our budget?”

You see, we lived VERY frugally on Tim’s wee salary when we moved to Madison. I think back on it and am amazed we did it and yet didn’t feel like we were suffering too terribly. We are doing much better now that DH is making almost twice that amount — so it was time to assess the situation. I got out of bed and drew up a budget that keeps the same amount of money that we funnel into savings. I felt better after that and thought “We can do that…we just have to go back to accounting for money spent on a weekly basis.”

However, today my coworker brought up one expense that WILL be a fixture in the budget that I hadn’t thought of — diapers. ( She also said formula, but I am hoping that I will be able to breastfeed without any issues so I am not going to worry about that). Anyway, diapers.

I looked at Mothers Nature Diapers online today, and am sort of confused. How do we know how many diapers to get? What is this about a velcro cover? What does one need for diapers again — what is this prefold business about??? and are the prices listed here really comparable to buying disposable diapers that we can use to destroy the enviroment? I mean, we were planning on using a combo — like diapers for the first few weeks and then switch over to cloth, and use disposable for traveling and the like.

It’s just diapering seems to have changed so much from when I was a kid and diapered my stupid brothers. :P

I guess in particular I am referring to these two things:

–Offer a Velcro® diaper cover rental program* so that you do not need to use
pins and plastic pants! A $15 one-time fee will get you a package of 4. Then a
$3 per month rental fee will allow you to trade them at any time–for instance,
when you child grows to the next larger size.

–Provide you with a hamper, scented bags and scented disks while you are on
the service for a one time fee of $15!

–Deliver an all-natural, hypoallergenic, alcohol-free refill of wipes at a cost of $2.75 for each 80 count tub. Free tub of 80 wipes to start if you choose to have a standing order each month.

Would four covers be enough? Is that what you were talking about Carla? I would have to make or buy those from someplace or is renting them just as easy? Is this enough wipes? Is that price comparable?

Do I need to worry about this now? Or should I wait until there is a baby around before really getting into this? Hm.


In other news. We went to see a 3:10 to Yuma on Wednesday and it was fun. I like going to the movies during the week. The last movie we saw was Stardust in Portland, ME. Tim got popcorn and soda — and no extra salt…though you know the popcorn has enough it it. Man, but the end of the movie my hands were hurting. It took a good 36 hours for it go away and back down to the normal level. I can’t believe even that little boost of sodium had that much of an immediate effect on carpal tunnel. That’s just crazy!

Sil Sarah called us the other day and said that Bekah and Greg (and their three french friends) were flying into town today and that they were going organizing a last minute BBQ at Mark’s new house on Saturday. BIL Mark is the youngest Hoff getting married next weekend. Anyway, I said I already promised my Dad a weekend visit but would see if we could squeeze it in if it was switched to Sunday (which she offered as an alternative). The DH and I talked about it and decided “You know what? We are tired of dropping everything for these last minute plans, and it’s really not fair to my Dad, or ourselves.” So I said we couldn’t make it.

Well when it rains it pours, right? Because I got a depressing letter from Mom. I had just sent her a big letter on Monday complete with belly photos, montage, etc….and so I called her to see if she had gotten the letter. Shane answered the phone before she did, and told me that he went James (my third youngest brother) up north camping for his bachelor’s party. He is getting married today.

Okay I knew that. I knew it because I called him before we left on vacation to ask him if was getting married, if he was having a ceremony and whether or not there would be a reception. He said no to everything. He was just going to have a little JOP ceremony at the courthouse afterwork one Friday in September and that was it. Of course I was disappointed. I was looking forward to attending my little brothers wedding all freaking year. We chatted some more and that was that.

So what does Shane tell me? “So you are visiting Dad this weekend?”

“Yes,” I replied.

“Did James call you?” He asked.
“No,” I said.

So I guess you aren’t going to James reception on Saturday,” he stated.

“What reception?” I asked. “I called him last month to ask if he was having one and he said NO he wasn’t.”

“He said that never said he wasn’t,” Shane replied.

“He didn’t invite me either!” my Mom interupted, having picked up the other phone line.

“Mom,” Shane said. “Yes he did.”

“No he didn’t,” she insisted, and got that petulant, whiny tone in her voice that implies she has been personally insulted. “I never got an invitation.”

“Mom you don’t need an invitation!” replied Shane, getting annoyed.

“I don’t know what time it is, or where it is. He didn’t invite me. I don’t know why he didn’t invite me,” Mom continued, warming up to the subject.

“That’s because you aren’t invited!” Shane shouted and hung up.

Well damn. Then Mom spent the next few minutes telling me how she is never invited to anything, is always the last to know, and blah blah blah. I told her I wasn’t invited either and I had practically ASKED to be invited last month.

Whatever. I am disappointed that I’ll miss his reception but I waited for a freaking long time, and did my best to go … but you know what? Fuck it. If he can’t call me (never has) then I am not going to go through heroics to go to this.

For the record, James didn’t come to our wedding, and in the process of staying home made Frank (my step Dad) stay home because he couldn’t be trusted. James was in the habit of stealing stuff and hawking it at the pawn shop back then.

Whatever. I’m just gonna focus on having a nice, relaxing weekend at my Dad’s and getting some stuff done around the house.

EDITED TO ADD: Guess who just called at 12.20? James just called me to invite me to his reception on Saturday at 2:00 — you know, since I am gonna be at Dad’s. My Dad lives about an hour to an hour half away ….. so if I try to make this….fucking a!

I asked if he invited Mom, and he said yes he did but they aren’t going. Why? Because Mom doesn’t want to be around big groups of people.

Uh. What? Damnit Mom, you infuriate me!

Now, you know, if I go, Mom only lives like 20 minutes away and will probably have her feelings hurt if I don’t go make a fucking special trip to see her while I am there….and …


You don’t like it when Laura get’s angry.

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