Ugh. I almost had a mini breakdown because I couldn’t find the broom this evening — I really needed to do some cleaning and the broom brings it all together, you know? I need to get a second broom, this is not the first time this has happened. You know, it’s the things I can’t find that I need that really throw me for a loop….I lost of over a damn lid to a pot a couple weeks ago, and before that it was finding matching lids and tupperware.

Yeah, so…second broom. Gotta get me one. I still don’t know where it is, but I managed to clean up the house just fine. It’s nice to have a somewhat straightened house, especially since we are going to be out for two days. I hate coming back to a dump. :P

I made an spice apple walnut cake yesterday and invited Hilary and Amy over to eat some of it. I love this cake — it’s my favorite fall cake. I even made one after work so Tim could take it to the dog sitters, who by the way, said they liked the apple pie that we made last week. I hope they like the apple cake! How could they not? It’s like the most delicious thing in the entire world. Anyway, it was great to have some company over to chat with, I felt like I could have visited more, but we were all getting tired and after all, we do have to work tomorrow.

Hilary brought me over some blankets that she deemed to be to “girly.” I love them. There are two crocheted ones (one a tight, washable chenille’s), two cotton knit ones (great quality), a microfleece one, a quilted one….they are all wonderful! I don’t think Hilary is aware that I have a blanket collecting problem. It comes from growing up in a house with too few and thin blankets. I have the same problem with towels. For example, I can’t even throw away old towels because … hey, it’s still a towel. Anyway, she had to explain to me that they are blankets and no receiving blankets. I am still unsure of the difference…I guess I need to get a receiving blanket to really understand. :)

Ahh one more day of work. Why am I up right now? I am beat…my eyes feel droppy and me knees hurt from being bent.

The house seems so quiet without Pluto around. Even though I totally take him for granted, I rather like having his presence around. You know, just knowing he is there is nice, even if I don’t always interact with him.

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