Tim has the chills, upset stomach, nausea…he thinks he might be getting the flu. Dear lord please don’t let him get the flu and more importantly please don’t let ME get it. That said, I am in no hurry to get myself to bed, though I really should. I had a sleepy start to the day today. It was raining when we got up and went off and on all day. It was dark and overcast, and well I was still tired. So dozed off and on all morning until 11:30 when I got up to pay bills. I felt rested though and had energy to do other stuff around the house like peel apples (while watching Star Trek NG — a little indulgence) and make a danish apple bar thing, cook dinner, fold laundry, clean up the bedroom, take a shower, get dressed, help paint a little, and then finally go out and get an xbox 360 and Halo 3.

I worked some extra days this past month to save up for it…and I know Tim and I will get good use out of it (playing vids together is a great date night pastime for us). In the process of doing so, we totally made a little boy jealous and green with envy at how we just walked in to buy the xbox, the game and an extra controller just like that. Ahh, my young friend, these are the joys of being an adult!

Yeah, I am one of those people that have never wanted to go back and relive my childhood. I like adulthood just fine.

This weekend was pretty good. Tim’s little brother got hitched, the wedding was well done, elegant and fun and produced LOTS of piss drunk family members (myself not included). I got to drive the mean streets of Milwaukee taking them too and fro, had a great brunch at the Trocodaro, did a little shopping and had a the worst mood swing yet. I tell you, after hitting 30 of pregnancy the emotions are starting to get a little more intense and irrational. I felt terrible about my mood swing this weekend, so much so that I could get myself feeling bad about it just by thinking about it! But, I have had many reassurances from BTDT Mom’s who have said that is quite normal to feel this way. I guess I just thought that since I was fine for most of the pregnancy that I wouldn’t feel that way. I thought it was one of those symptoms I wouldn’t get. Boy was I wrong!

I feel better about it now (three days later) and I just gotta keep telling myself, this is normal. This is what happens. It is not my fault. It is not who I am, it is just who pregnant Laura is. Yeah.

My replacement started this week…today in fact. I won’t meet her until next week though when she starts working on the same days I do. Her name is Laurie….ha ha. I think it’s funny when the replacements have matching names. It’s like a legacy of sorts…anyway I am looking forward to meeting her next week and seeing what’s she like and how she’ll handle the office.

Bacon Bit is awake again…I am hungry I wonder if that has something to do with it? No, maybe not. At one point during the day the bowl I had with the apple peels almost got knocked over because of a strong kick from the Bit. I laughed. Hiccups are so frequent these days too … good! Strong healthy lungs…keep it up Bit!

The room is finished being painted, and we are stuck with a whole gallon of citrus (from Behr) paint. Anyone want a gallon of paint? It’s a cool color… tomorrow we take the tape off and see how we did…I can’t wait to put some furniture back in there. I am also going to eventually have to figure out how to put the crib together…yeah.

On one hand I can’t believe I am 33 weeks working on week 34 — and on the other hand I feel like Bacon Bit is still a million miles away. November seems like an eternity away. Maybe I’ll feel differently next week when it’s officially October and I can answer ‘when are you due?’ with “next month.”

I’m hungry. :( Dinner sucked tonight…maybe I’ll be bad and have another piece of apple bar stuff before bed. It’s not for me…it’s for Bacon Bit. ;)

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