Today was one of those extremely rare days where I had the day off and Tim was home sick (and kept at a distance). What did we do? We played Halo 3 and beat it…sadly. It went far to fast…and now we are going to be working on replaying it and unlocking stuff. I hate it when I feel like more time was spent catering to the online crowd. Yes, I know they play it more…but still. Halo 2 was a MUCH longer game, and I appreciate that.

In any case, it was good day. I love those spending all day playing vids with your darling days…where we drink tea, eat microwave popcorn and scavenge in the kitchen. Uh speaking of which I had leftover chicken soup (I made from the scratch for Tim yesterday) and two biscuits…and now I am starving. Managing hunger and the feeling of being overfull is difficult. Also difficult is bending over, giving and getting hugs, sleeping (the hip pain is back with a vengeance) — but walking is still about the same, which I can’t say is true for going down stairs. Going up stairs? No problem, but going down makes it feel like my pelvic floor is about to crash or fall apart.

man I am hungry. I need something to eat right now! Too bad I am all out of chocolate marshmallow mateys. A bowl of cold cereal would have been perfect. I guess I could have a waffle, even though we all know that a toaster strudel would be much, much better. Bacon Bit is moving around and demanding food! I wish I had a cake or something that the Bit would like. :P

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