Yesterday I went over to Hilary’s to drop off two chairs and a table, and sort of help with Birthday party preparations. Anyway, while I was there, so was her husband Jason, who was celebrating his birthday with his birthday toy — some kind of camera flash. Well, he has the whole thing set up and then asked if he could take a picture or two. At first I said no, then I thought “What am I afraid of? Why not?” So I did, and I got a few pictures with Hilary and Leta done. Yesterday I thought I looked great but today I am not so sure.

I mean, we have all this idea of what we look like, right? A sort of vague idea? Well, I try not to dwell on that too much and just go with how I THINK I look rather than probably how I really look. However, there are times when you just stop, and give yourself a moment to really take in a image and look at it. I did that today with these pictures. Do I really look like this?

I mean I don’t wear makeup that often, my hair is straight, and I really do have a lazy left eye — I have always had it and my brother Shane shares trait with me. However, how could I forget that nose is so big! And look at that chin! (thank goodness at least one of the just showed up for the party). Plus, how could people think I don’t ethnic? I mean, when I see these pictures I see native american written all over the place – why is skin color the main characteristic of how ethnic one looks? Well, look for yourself. I think my main question, is …. is this how I really look? When people look at these pictures do they think “Yes, that’s how Laura looks.”

[Photos courtesy of of J. Samsa]


Hadjare and Hilary

Ladies who Lunch

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