34 Weeks 1 Day

I swear that Bacon Bit has turned around again, my bowels have been pulverized the last two days. Yes, I was expecting the bladder to be punched or kicked a few times, but people, it’s seriously feels weird when its …. other parts….like your colon, intestines, ovaries, kidneys, etc…. it honestly feels like the Bit is playing with them! Even though I know that isn’t true because the Bit’s snuggled safely in the uterus.

Anyway. The DH and I did finish painting the room and putting some furniture back in there. Last night Tim hauled up the crib parts and started to put it together only to realize that it’s missing some major hardware. We did some research and I called the manufacture today to see if I could order the missing parts…and alas it is not possible. So, it looks like we are out a crib.

That’s okay because at least we have the mattress, and doesn’t look like cribs are THAT expensive…for some reason I had it in my head that that they were anywhere between 250-600 dollars! Thankfully that isn’t the case. Also, we are planning on using a co-sleeper for the first 3-4 months which should buy us time in case we can’t find a crib sooner. That said we still have oodles of great hand me downs from friends that makes having a Bacon Bit totally manageable. Besides, I keep hearing that babies need very little and I have a tendency to believe it.

I guess you can tell that we are starting to actually try and get things ready for the Bit. This month is:

-work shower with my 3 coworkers and lunch on Thursday
-baby shower on Sunday
-wedding reception on Saturday
-cloth diapering 101 (then decide how to progress with diapering … )
-breastfeeding class
-labor and delivery tour at hospital
-need to look at infant cpr for Tim to take
-need a car seat
-need a crib
-three doctor appointments this month
-I should eventually pack a bag

I am sure that there is other stuff there….anyway.

Today is a busy day. I have made some good progress on getting misc projects done around the house including putting together a white shelf unit I got at a garage sale, making crock pot beef stew, laundry, some emails, a phone call … I still need to take a shower, go grocery shopping, and I would like to clean up the darn living room. It’s been neglected for far too long — mostly because we had lots of stuff from the soon to be Bit’s room in here hogging up space.

Also we are dog sitting Jack for the next … well week from last night until Sunday. One of his owner’s grandmother passed away and they are gone for a week to attend the funeral and what not. That means that there is even less couch space around here than there was before.

I have been trying to think of ideas for making a costume for Pluto for the greyhound gala…but nothing has a come to mind. Maybe we won’t do anything this year for him. Kind of sad… but there you have it. We don’t have to do something really awesome EVERY year, right? Just every other year. ;)

Oh man Bacon Bit is awake and pushing some very uncomfortable buttons….I think I am going to take the shower right now and get dressed so that I am not sitting and feeling it so acutely. What a little stinker! I am starting to wonder what the Bit will look like, how big, how tall, how cute…how will it feel to be able to call myself a Mom or to call Tim a Dad, or heck to even call each other that?

I also can’t wait for someone to ask me when I am due now so I can say “Next month.”

Also, it seems like most folks think that Bacon Bit will be later than the due date…I don’t think so. I think the Bit will be around 38 weeks. That is my guess…hey I should go and guess for my own game! I should also make a prize and package it up….and whoever wins I can send it to them (because it will be all ready and stuff).

Yeah okay…showertime.

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