Somebody sent us a a RommMates for Kids Peel and Stick Appliqué with an adorable bug theme. I freaking LOVE IT!!!!! What an awesome, cool, really darn neat idea!!! It’s like those window peels except for the walls. I put one up to just see how it looks and it blend’s in great and looks awesome on the paint job that we did. We love it…Bacon Bit’s room is going to be the coolest room in the house.

Please let me know who sent it so we can properly thank you. :)

Edit: It was Carrie! You rock!!!! It’s so awesome you are gonna get ANOTHER thank you card. I have some cool Halloween ones I’ve been itchin’ to use.

And in other news…it’s hot today and I am hungry again. But wait, it’s 1:00 so that is totally reasonable. Right? Right!

Tonight is the wedding celebration for Callie and Jason. I’m looking forward to seeing them. It might be the last time before they move to California to start their new life together in January.
I met Callie in Gothic Literature back in college. I remember when she walked into class I laughed inside because a Goth was taking Gothic lit…how stereotypical.

And yes, I realize the irony of it for myself. :P

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