We had a good weekend. On Friday after I met Oliver and Tim at the Come Back In for afterwork beer (soda for me), we had Brother in Law Ben, his dog and Phil, and his wife Kandy and Caleb over. The boys (sans Caleb) were going to see some musical act at the High Noon Saloon. While they were gone, Kandy and Caleb went to KFC to get some fried goodness and awesome biscuits and we watched the Suite Life of Zach and Cody and Hannah Montana because Caleb wanted to watch it. Ugh, can I just say how much I hate overacting teenagers produced by Disney? I mean do kids really need that over emphasis to get it?

Anyway. It was a late night for me I ended up going to bed around 1 because I wasn’t feeling well anymore. Tim came home shortly after and said the show was okay. Ben and Wrigley dropped Phil off at his house and then took off to go camping.

Saturday Tim went off and did Meet and Greet while I cleaned up around the house or putzed…I forget. I feel like I was productive though and probably cleaned. Yeah, that’s the the story and I am sticking to it. Later on Sigrid came over to drop off a card to bring to Callie and Jason’s Chicago wedding reception (they were originally married on Sep. 15th) and said she couldn’t make it. So Tim and I headed down there ourselves. Apparently it was 80′s themed…which you will see when I post the photos of the wedding at a later date. But for now you can see the happy couple. Callie looks great! She looks just a like Barbie doll. :)

Rachel and Mike showed up as well, and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to take one of those cheese pregnancy photos, especially since we were almost identically dressed.

The next day was Bacon Bit’s baby shower held at my friend Hilary’s house. Laima and Hilary spent some quality time getting this shindig together, and it went off great! Everything was on time (we kept it to 3 hours), we played three games, there was great food and when I opened the gifts I made sure to tell everyone how I met the person giving the gift (as a way of introducing folks to each other). We got lots of wonderful things like blankets, teething toys, diapers, baby bath stuff, clothes, books, etc.

Here I am checking out an adorable outfit/sleeper thingie…is it a sleeper if it’s not footed? I would like to take this moment to say that if anyone else has any photos of the shower to please send them to me. Sigrid did a wonderful job taking photos of me opening the gifts, but I would like to have more pictures of the folks who showed up. :)

I know I don’t LOOK enthused here – but this is when we were finished and I was waiting for Sigrid to take a photo of the awesome diaper cake that Jen put together (with a little help from Jessie). I loved he cake, it was so full of cute little helpful things. I tell you, opening that many presents takes a lot of work! I was tired out by the end.
Here we are with the Dirty Diaper Cake that Laima made for the occasion. Despite it’s appearance, the cake was quite delicious.

Over all it was a great shower! I had lots of people show up who I haven’t seen in years, folks who drove great distances and everyone was so generous. I have to admit, it’s nice to have the shower be done now because now I know what I need to focus on getting. In fact, I am making it my own personal goal to go to as many garage sales before the garage sale season is over to fill in the spaces.

On the other hand, I was sad when the shower was finished because I wanted to go back and spend more time with each of the guests and catch up. There is just never enough time to catch up on those things. :( I just hope that everyone had as good of a time as I did.

AND …. it’s a little scary now that the shower is over…because ….. holy cow dudes, we’re having a baby! All the baby preparation stuff is happening this month and it’s starting to sink in a little.

Anyway, thank you to Liama and Hilary for doing such a wonderful job putting together the shower. Both Bacon Bit (I am speaking for the Bit) are grateful and appreciate your friendship, thoughtfulness and overall awesomeness. ;)

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