I am sitting on the couch and just checked out my sites. I am wearing a t-shirt, a sweater, a hoodie and a lap blanket with a laptop on top of it. I am sufficiently warm. I also feel as if, I have to cough, you know like when you are sick and your lungs are full of gunk and it feels more like you are out of breath? Yeah like that. I am fairly certain Bacon Bit moved positions again yesterday and is head down again (or the other way…but I prefer to think head down). My lungs are squished and my bladder when pushed produces and immediate need to stop whatever I am doing and carefully consider how much I need to go pee.

Tonight we went over to Kathy’s house to pick up some baby stuff she had generously offered for let Bacon Bit use…and my goodness did she go above and beyond the call of duty by even going as far as to wash the stuff!!! Now that is dedication my friends, and she needs something GOOOOoooooooodddddd as a thank you present because we were totally blown away with the items she had…we are now the proud owners (though if you want the stuff back eventually Kathy, it’s yours of course) of:

-co sleeper, sheet and prettifier thing …uh that goes around it and hides the mechanics of it
-once used (like for what..10 minutes?) pack and play
-swing with little mobile
-running stroller
-high chair
-extra fancy exer-saucer

Add that to Amy’s very awesome:

-umbrella stroller
-play pen
-bath tub
-crib mattress

We are debating whether or not we’ll ever really use a crib….we’ll wait and see. We have a trundle bed that doesn’t lay on the floor per say, but is an inch or two from it. What is the benefit to a crib other than keeping the kid hostage when it wakes up? We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

But I wanted to say a hearty THANK YOU to Kathy and Amy for your enormous generosity. I can’t believe that we are lucky enough to have such good friends. :) *sniff*

Now all we have to do is set up the co-sleeper, the swing, clean up the boucinette and figure out how to use the pack and play and we are ready! Ha ha…no okay I also need to like organize that room somewhat, pack a hospital bag, buy a car seat, install said seat …. uh what else? I don’t know.

I am taking a breastfeeding class at Happy Bambino tomorrow. I wonder if there is going to be anyone else there? I mean, I know there are other pregnant women in Madison, but I think it might be fun to see them or actually talk or interact with them instead of exchanging side long glances at each other. Anyway, I am hoping to walk away with lots of good information like is the pump I have a 60% coupon off for good (it might also be 40%) …but it’s from my HMO so …and what kind of bottles go with it, how to pump, when to start pumping (for later because I think the DH should have a shot at feeding Bacon Bit every now and then too). But also for me, because while I have been exposed to women who have or are breastfeeding, I don’t know anything about the nitty gritty details.

Then on Saturday we are going to Waukesha for the annual Greyhound Gala. I didn’t make a costume for Pluto this year because we just couldn’t think of one. I think we used up all of our creative energy on painting the room and decorating, and rearranging furniture. Sunday is my Cloth Diapering 101 class, and immediately following that is our Labor and Delivery Tour of St. Mary’s so we know exactly where to go when it’s time.

I guess after the this week is over and the cosleeper is up, and the bag is packed (oh yeah and that carseat is gotten) then we could conceivably consider ourselves ready. Maybe. We’ll see.

Last night I watched Charlotte Grey — which was okay but a little … uh … pointless……(oh that reminds me to check my Netflix queue before I start getting a bunch of off beat, political, independent or foreign movies all at once.) I decided that I am into crocheting an afghan again because I was able to admit I hated the last design I was working on. It was just NO fun for me to do and I never wanted to do it. I decided to that I was never going to finish it, and if I did I would probably hate it anyway so why not just take it apart and start over with something else? So that is exactly what I did. I also did some research on the web today and found like 15 afghan patterns I wouldn’t mind trying out. I found four that I love and want to do …. the next one I will do is a snowflake one. Oh it’s pretty….

My darling bought me some ginger ale tonight and it’s gooood. He has been keeping it ice cold and full for me and I haven’t had to get off the couch much. I mean, I did my minimum of 30 minutes walking today…it’s just that getting up off the couch is getting to be a pain at night, and really I just wanted to sit and crochet and watch Pushing Daisies (I LOVE this show), and check out Bionic Woman (which was okay).

Tomorrow is bill day and I really have to do something about that office. It’s a disaster zone in there! I should start by putting way the extra blankets and pillows, that will opening it up more.

For dinner tonight we had the dollar butter burgers at Culver’s. They came with just burger on a bun, thank goodness I had a stash of ketchup in the car that I was able to put on it. It was a madhouse at Culvers though so we can understand why they weren’t dressed up. Of course that means that there is no real viable lunch for tomorrow except for another sandwich for Tim. I think I’ll make squash tomorrow…maybe squash soup … yeah that sounds good. I could make some biscuits too. I guess if I had a craving this pregnancy that would be it. Biscuits, mashed potatoes and gravy — but especially biscuits. I even bought some apple butter to have with some freshly baked biscuits, which I have yet to try out.

Uh oh, I suppose I should go to bed. I am getting hungry again. This last week has heralded the great return of fatigue, and the surprise arrival from the later comer — hunger. I haven’t really felt that terrible hunger at all this whole pregnancy but oh am I feeling it now! Especially late at night when I should be in bed.

You know what else, I am getting lots of skin tags….and have taken to just yanking them out. It’s weird to get them…I mean how do they form? Why do they form? Why do they have to be so yucky to me?

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