One of my ideas that I would like to do next October, is to hold a recital. You know in those movies about the old days, a family would invite folks over for dinner and then afterward they would have coffee and cake and listen to a recital — singing, piano, violin — accordion.

Yep. Tim practices almost every day and he’s really starting to get good and play songs that I like….well he is playing one right now. I told him this is going to be one of the songs he’ll play in the recital. I thought it would be also be neat to maybe have another person play and instrument or sing to mix it up a bit. What do you think? Wouldn’t you like to come over for dinner, music and wine? I love this idea and really want to make to happen.

Anyway. I really need to catch up with photos. I might work on that tomorrow so I can be caught up…I have vacation, August and September to catch up with before October overwhelms me. I have them downloaded already, and I think I weeded out the really bad ones. I just need to resize and throw them online. Yes, tomorrow might be perfect for that. I would like to spend some time working on cleaning up that office too — as I mentioned it’s an unorganized disaster. The sort of disaster I love….I mean if it was someone else’s house I would volunteer to clean that crazy room in a heartbeat because looking at all that cool stuff would just be cool.

I am thinking about work lately. I only have 8 working days left. That’s still three weeks…but since I only work three days a week and today is done, I am left with only 8 days left. That sort of makes me sad. When I came in today, Janet had left an adorable blue and green and yellow outfit made by gymboree which she says is the best play clothes for kids because it holds up well and kids think it’s comfortable. It’s for an older kid — more toddler, but I’ll just put it with my little stash of 2-3 girl clothes that I got from Hilary. I am really happy that Tim suggested going garage sailing a few weeks back because it enabled us to find these great big plastic storage bins for only 50 cents each! It’s perfect for holding a treasure like this. It’s funny how plastic storage bins have become the new trunk or cedar chest of bygone eras. Anyway, I am sort of sad thinking that there is only 8 actual working days left because I am going to miss my coworker and little schedule every week. It was such a nice way to get out of the house and keep up with my administration skills. Am I ready to be a housewife full time again? I think so…I mean, I’ll do a hell of a better job than I did the first year I tried it. I tell you that learning curve of cooking, housekeeping and all that jazz was steep when you learn it by yourself. I am MUCH better now…but I am also going to be gaining a new role which actually makes homemaker take second fiddle — I can’t actually say the words yet. I don’t think I’ll be able to really call myself the “M” word until I have a little Bacon Bit in my arms…but you all know what I mean.

Dinner tonight was inspired by breakfast. Rather, I was super hungry and wanted something quick to eat, and naturally thought of breakfast type things. First up was pancakes, but you know, I just wasn’t really in the mood for pancakes. Then I thought of one of those skillet dinners with potatos, sausage and cheese with an egg on top — and I thought I would make a hashbrown casserole. I did and it turned out awesome! We also had freshly steamed, organic beets for dinner, I drizzled mine with a little honey and butter and it was edible. ;) Tomorrow I am making roasted vegetables and something else…I don’t know yet. Maybe we’ll just have roasted vegetables. We have leftover chili and now hash brown casserole to cover another day or two of lunches.

Gosh I am thirsty today. Can you believe it’s 36 weeks today? One more week and we are in full term realm. I was looking at my figure this evening on one of the many trips to the bathroom and it’s just amazing how big Bacon Bit is now! Now THIS is what I call a baby bump. You’ll see on Thursday but I am fairly sure the Bit is going to be good sized (as in NOT just 6 pounds).

My latest worry is whether or not the Bit is breech. I just don’t know. I DO know that the Bit is no longer sideways….and I thought the head was down but today I am not so sure anymore. Hiccups today were strongly felt and seen in the middle of the stomach instead of low down. Also, most of the limb movement is felt in the middle to lower abdomen….wouldn’t’ that indicate feet moving? Or would it be hands? I don’t know. I have an appointment on Thursday and I’ll ask the dude then. It’s also the Strep B test time. I hope I pass it with flying colors because I thought I would like to try a bath if it were labor time — and I don’t know if you can take a bath with IV in your arm. Actually I don’t know much about water and birth at all…it’s on my list of topics to research this week.

Okay, I am going to find some water and drink it now. Good night.

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