Since I decided to work on photos a little bit, I thought — Hey why not take the 36 1/2 photo twelve hours earlier since I am going to be at the desktop computer anyway. And so I did….and perhaps I got a little ambitious, and maybe just a teeny — uh envious that everyone else is having fabulous makeovers.
That said, here are some pictures for you!
36 1/2 Weeks

Weeks 32 – 36 Montage

While working on straightening up the office, I found my stash of wigs! I think my favorite is a toss up between the two Alien Sex Fiend shots — it’s just so ….. funny to me.

Okay, enough screwing around. I gotta go and figure out what is for dinner and then watch Pushing Daisies…I do believe that is on tonight? Right? I love this show. (Just checked…yep it is)

Also if you want to see any of these pictures in better detail, please visit the link to your left or click here: Bacon Bit Pregnancy. Make sure to click on the thumbnail for the bigger image.

I’ll finish the rest of the photos tomorrow.

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