Okay I decided to go ahead and finish up the pictures today.

Look to your left to access Photos or click here:

Portland, ME Vacation:
In which we stay at Kelly’s overnight, go and eat a lot of seafood, comb a bunch of beaches and go whale watching.

August 2007: In which we attend a birthday party for our friends Lowen and Brian, my old friend Myrna comes to visit me, Tim, Pluto and I go to the GPA Volunteer Appreciation Day, and Hilary comes over to visit.

September 2007: Mark and Erika’s Wedding, My brother James (aka Ditto’s) wedding reception, my Dad’s turkeys, we find a stick bug, Mina’s Birthday party, and Rachel and Mike’s baby shower.

—That should keep you busy for awhile…I hope.

In other news, I am sort of glad for this doctor’s appointment tomorrow. The last two days have been different….I have started to feel crampy. Like I am getting or on my period sort of cramps that don’t have a beginning or end, but are there consistently for long time. Last night I went to bed early because I felt uncomfortable. This morning it was gone, but it has been back again on and off. I am doing my best to drink TONS of water and try to take it easy. Bacon Bit has been okay and been pretty active (thank goodness).

I just wonder, is this the beginning of the end? Or is this just another regular late third trimester symptom?

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