I had my 36 1/2 week doctor appointment today. I was tested for strep B and will find the results of that in few days, no protein in the urine. And I was quite pleased with myself for making a decision to not find out my weight gain and ask the nurse not to tell me. I even resisted looking at the chart. I figured I have have been eating healthy as ever, I am not swelling, my blood pressure was fine … and like I said no protein – so worrying about it is stupid.

I had rough night last night. I woke up at one point with my abdomen in pain and had to inch my way off the bed to go to the bathroom. When I got back I made sure to switch sides, but then realized that the vague cramps were acting up were making me feel yucky. It felt just like a period and I even thought of going to take some tylenol — except that getting out of bed would have been a pain again. Anyway, this was day two of the cramps and since it was waking me up and making me sleep bad I thought I would ask. Of course I got the standard answer to this question, as well as to why there is a ball of hurt sometimes in my lower right quadrant (I would characterize it as ovulation pain…though it’s probably just a tiny elbow, knee or foot poking something). The standard answer being – you’re very pregnant and these things are normal. :P

Yeah. Well he did offer to check my cervix since I was having the swab done anyway — but after thinking about it and being reassured that it was normal, I decided not to have him check it. I don’t need to be bothering the state of things down there. Besides, he said that they check it at the 38 week mark…and that is only a week and half away so I decided I could just wait until then. Hey, as it turns out that will be the last appointment I have with this OB too! (he is booked).

So there, I didn’t find out my weight, and I resisted a cervix check. Hurray for being strong! Oh and while I was there I got a free diaper bag with some mini bag …and of course free samples of formula, two reusable ice packs (nice!!!) and a huggies diaper and wipes. Now we have three diaper bags! But really, can you ever have enough of those? One for the car…one for Tim (it’s messenger style)…one for me?

In other news, I had lunch with Laima today at Lazy Janes. It was nice and kept me feeling full all the way to 8:00 PM…in which we had roasted vegetables for dinner and a croissant (well I did). I also did a load of laundry and wash the lot of hooded baby towel’s I got from someone off Craig’s list (10 for $5). I was really wary of doing it because this was my first time buying something used from the internet…or via the net. I am glad to say that it worked out really well and now we have more towels than we actually probably need. That’s okay. Anyway, I washed them in free and clear detergent (our only kind … I want to save the dreft we got as present for a special smelling occasion) and then lined dried the blankets to maximize absorbency.

What else did I do? I washed the dishes, I made roasted vegetables for dinner, I finished making some thank you cards, updated my address book a bit — I had put everything into a spreadsheet but that was lost and so I have to do it again. I also went grocery shopping, helped put food away and emptied the junk mail recycling bin.

Sometimes Pluto walks through the guest room/bacon bit’s rooms and comes out through the kitchen. It’s really sort of strange when he does that. I mean, why does he do it? Oh I just noticed that Migo is on the futon …. and Innsmouth is on the couch….so where can a Pluto lay down? His dog bed? Nope. Not good enough. Sigh. Tim is practicing accordion right now and he doesn’t like that sometimes. You know because then Tim isn’t paying 100% attention to him.

I’m really tired and thinking about going to bed since my plan for this evening was sort of ruined. I told Tim I would go shopping and sort of expected him to walk Pluto while I was there. Well when I came back he was still on the couch and hadn’t gone on a walk. So then we ate dinner and he watched TV until 8 — and then he walked the dog (I didn’t go with this time because I had just walked a ton at the store and was just tired and achey) and then had to practice accordion….and by the time he is done it will be close to 9.30 and that just isn’t enough time to play Gears of War and get to bed at a decent time. :(

I should just go to bed. I had a crappy nights sleep and I am tired and crabby right now and I do have to work tomorrow. Including tomorrow — only seven days left of work.

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