Since there aren’t that many posts out there that are new, I thought I would take a moment and write something. After all, it’s sort of like reading a post. I do read my posts after I publish them — in a couple hours…to see what I had to say.

Friday was really blustery! I was exactly how I imagined Winnie the Pooh and the blustery day to be. After work I stopped by Scott’s pastry, which by the way has the best soup around, to see what kind of soup they had and to indulge in a donut or …. two! Yeah I got a muffing as well as a boston creme. Then, I trundled over to Starbucks and got myself a medium mocha to enjoy with the donuts as soon as I got home. Bus ride was uneventful and of course I had to reallly really really pee by the time I walked home. I popped my mocha in the microwave, added some whip cream and then cozied onto the couch with my fuzzy blanket I got from my step mother Barb two years ago to watch The Holiday.

It was perfect! A chick flick, donuts and a drink?! All with no guilt? OH I loved it. Though eating two donuts really did me in and I wasn’t at all hungry until 9:00 that night and even then I only had two slices of a frozen pizza.

This morning Tim had to go to work. Before he left I asked him to call me at 8.30 so I could get ready and call Laima to see if she wanted me to meet her at her place or my place. Well, at 9:00 I get woken up by Laima knocking on the door. That chump! He didn’t call me!! So I quickly got dress and scarfed down a cheese and croissant sandwich, piece of date bread, banana and handful of nuts. It was actually more than enough food to get me to 3.30 in which I had a few crackers with cheese and a small salad. We are planning on meeting up with Jen and Ben, and Laima over at Takara for sushi before going to a MadRollin Dolls skater derby event.

Um, but until she calls I might play a little Gears of War…

But real quickly, this morning I went garage sailing with Liama and got …a christmas snowman table cloth (washable), a wooden box I intend to store recipes in (once I get around to putting my favorite recipes onto index cards…that is a large project that I have yet to attempt…but I DO feel like I made some progress by getting a box), and bathroom rug for a buck. :D We also got some cookies and hot coco from two very adorable girls, who helped make the cookies. I am a sucker for capitalistic kids – -each and every time.

After that we went to an orchard where I bought some Northwestern Greening apples with which to make a pie, some cider and oh..some caramel that I just remembered right now! And I helped Laima pick a bag of her own apples. Apparently apples are cheaper if you pick you own. I didn’t know that…and it’s also cheaper if you bring you own bag!

One more thing, I tested negative for group b strep! Hurray!! Now I can have Bacon Bit in the bathroom if I really want, or the nearest gas station without any worries.

Okay, gotta play.

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