The sucky thing about the rain is that when you come home after being away for several hours, like I did from going to work….you step into your house and realize – “hey it smells like _____” and in our case it smelled like cat pee. :P I hate having my house smell like cat pee. Tim changed the boxes tonight, but you know that extra humidity always makes it worse.

Koopa’s cage has been more stinky lately too. We think it’s the addition of the applesauce that she’s been getting in her old age. This just means that I am going to have to clean it more often, because as it turns out, I don’t care much for the smell of an old possum in the house either. And yes, I also feel the same way about Pluto. Though my nose isn’t as senstive as I would like (it’s always stuffed up), I seem to have a super smell when it comes to pets and my house.

So, I lit a few candles and have been burning them all evening. Ahh…candles seem to make everything better. I imagine that they burn away the bad smell.

On Sunday I went to the Vila’s Zoo with Hilary and two princesses to stand in a long line and trick or treat. It was a lot of work for a small amount of candy, but the princesses didn’t seem to mind. Ahh the innocence of youth. I know how much candy you can get…so that colors my view. Speaking of which, I have a six pack of candy bars leftover from Labor Day for smore’s that we didn’t make. I am setting two aside for Amy’s kids when they come over, but the other four are going to four lucky trick or treaters! I can’t wait to be that house that gives away full sized candy bars (even if it’s to 4 kids). It’s not like we get a ton of kids anyway — last year was our record at 16.

After the zoo, I went to Woodman’s with Tim and got some chicken, a candy thermometer, soda, tea and bread. I went home, washed dishes and made an caramel apple pie from scratch. I am talking making my own caramel here folks. Oh my goodness…it’s SOOOoooo good. I have a whole mini pan of it. It’s in the soft ball stage, but a little too goopy for me to be comfortable with right now…though it’s perfect for apple dipping. I had some slices of apple today after work with the caramel and it was heaven. It’s just so good! Laima popped over for a bit this evening to drop off some squash and I sent her packing with a big piece of apple pie and a big caramel dollop that had to be replenished on her way out. ;)

Awesome…squash and good sized ones at that. For dinner tonight we had creamy vegetable soup that I added a can of creamed corn to (Tim didn’t think that was a great addition) and grilled cheese. There is one leftover chicken dinner for him to eat for tomorrow’s lunch so I don’t have to worry about leftovers. I have soup for myself with some bread…and I’m good.

I have my 37 week doctor appointment tomorrow. I expect to be weighed, have my blood pressure, pee and fundal height checked and then be sent on my way. They do the first cervical check at week 38 — next week. But as of right now, Bacon Bit could come and would be considered full term. :) But she can’t because Hilary is going to her have her baby on Friday and someone needs to babysit. ;)

After my appointment tomorrow I am going to buy a nursing bra. I thought about going to the mall to get fitted but I also have a coupon for Happy Bambino to get 10$ off…I don’t know. I know one of the co-owners and that just feels weird to be trying on a bra in front of someone I know. I feel like I would almost rather just go to the mall and have one of the anonymous ladies at Motherhood do it. Then again we like to support local stores…. What to do…what to do…..

Oh, I am getting hot sitting here on the couch with a fleece blanket and a wonderfully grey kitty. I should head to bed. Besides it’s 11.15. Besides I have an early doctors appointment …. heh… early as in 9.40 — -but that’s early to me! I also have to get home to pay bills, though . I had a nap this afternoon, I bet that is why I am still up. I’m glad that I can still sleep through the whole night and only get up once or twice to pee. There are so many other women right now in this stage of pregnancy that are not sleeping well or are in pain, or uncomfortable. I feel super lucky with the way Bacon Bit has gone, I don’t feel like I have that much to complain about at all! I am also not super anxious to have it be finished with…maybe it’s because I don’t know what comes next. Maybe it’s because I have forgotten what it’s like to not feel this way. Maybe it’s because this is something we have wanted for so long, and I sure as heck am not going to look this gift horse in the mouth.

Which isn’t to say that describing symptoms is the same as wishing they weren’t there. It isn’t. I wanted to remember as much of this experience as I can. Okay, good night!

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