I ended up going to Motherhood and getting two nursing bras — one for bedtime and one for the day time (not wireless). I think two is good to start and I can just buy more from a different place next time. I also decided to start getting stuff for my overnight bag that can be dual purpose for kidsitting for Hilary when she has her baby on Friday and for the hospital bag for Tim and I. I decided to splurge a little today and I bought the Burt Bee’s travel bag (shampoo, conditioner, lotion, body wash and lip balm), and I got a mini toothbrush thing from Walgreens.

When I had gone to Walgreen’s — a place I usually enjoy visiting….I didn’t stay long. I felt really nauseous and sick suddenly and so I just decided to leave and go home to lay down. Bacon Bit has been exceptionally active and I think all that expended energy is making ME tired! I was so tired this afternoon — and yet when I lay down I don’t go to sleep. I think that’s a good thing because I am sleeping the night’s through with one or two breaks to go potty.

I am also getting the infamous hot flashes. Wow….when they sneak up on you they really sneak up on you! It’s just so weird to have them because usually I feel like I am perpetually cold.

Speaking of the Bit –all that talking about her made her awake. I don’t know. I am getting tired too now. There are some things I want to do tomorrow and going to bed right now will make tomorrow come sooner. Especially since the internet is totally tapped out for interesting content tonight. Plus Pluto wants to go outside…and I am hot on the couch and back to not feeling all that great.

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