• Got TWO Bacon Bit packages in the mail this weekend. One from our very thoughtful and good friends Kate and Eric that included a Target Gift card, a handmade, fuzzy, soft fleece green blanket, the cutest darn long sleeved owl shirt (I started at it for many minutes and can’t wait for Bacon Bit to wear it), a Bauhaus onsies (it’s for the later months so you can be sure the Bit is going to get a lot of use out that puppy), and a blue/green striped sweater. Oh it’s cute — we liked it all. :)
  • The second package was all Halloweenified and from Heather who sent along – three green froggie onsies (awesome!!! Pink is way over rated), a really super soft (but not dirty soft as Tim refers one kind of blanket that me and the kitties love…chenille I think…) green blanket and an eyeore stuffed animal! Awe! It’s Bacon Bit’s first stuffed animal.
  • We bought a glider off of Craigslist this weekend. We picked it up from a very nice lesbian couple with two kids. It’s a Dutailier Glider which is sort of a high end piece of work, which we were getting for $140. Yes, it was 40 more than we were expecting to pay, but 140 is still cheaper than any other NEW glider you can get, plus it came with the ottoman. We expected it to be a yucky blue, but when we got it was actually more like a dark green…cool.

    What was not cool was that transporting it home must have been the straw that broke the glider’s back. It had a hitch/catch in it upon depositing it on our floor. :( We spend all afternoon working on fixing this and after visiting lots of stores and thinking really hard about ratchets and sockets…. I ended up fixing it (mostly) with a rubber mallet and a borrowed socket wrench from Laima. I mean, it’s good now and I don’t think the average person would be able to tell there is a slight hitch to it…but I just can’t make it any tighter…and blah blah blah. I need to readjust my attitude to appreciating that it is works just fine, it’s smooth, doesn’t make a lot of noise, it’s super comfortable and it won’t crush any animal toes like a rocking chair would, it’s not completely fugly and we are lucky enough to even have one. Things are not perfect in this world and I should stop expecting absolute pristine silence and smoothness…right?

    Sigh. I’ll get over it. I hope. I wish I could be hypnotized about it.

  • Last Thursday morning Hilary went and had a baby! I was called over to kidsit really early in the morning. It was cool though. We ate breakfast, went to the park, played with play dough etc. Eventually Hilary’s husband came home and we all went off to visit Hilary and her new son, Cullen at the creepiest hospital I have ever been in – Meriter. I swear…walking through that place is like walking through Silent Hill. The baby was cute and good sized — weighing in at 8 lbs and 12 oz for 39 weeks gestation. Of course, I am obbessed with when people have their babies….well for the obvious reason. ;)
  • I can’t believe tomorrow is 38 weeks working towards 39. It’s also my last week of work and this makes me really sad. :( I am really going to miss my coworker, flexible hours, variety of job duties, the extra money, having a reason to leave the house three days a week and a reason to walk/ride bike every other day. I know the tradeoff is going to be well worth it — but since Bacon Bit isn’t here yet, I can’t really know how it will change.

    There are plenty of women that don’t make it working until 39 weeks…but really it’s different for them because they are probably working full time. On the other hand I guess I could use the week or two before Bacon Bit to really try and clean this house, prepare easy food choices, work on my recipe box, and all that jazz….all stuff I could do now…but for some reason just … aren’t getting done. I mean I don’t have the stamina to do all the stuff I want to around this house. Tim was supposed to help me this weekend clean the house and … well that didn’t really happen. :( I mean it was a productive weekend for me…in that *I* got a lot done … relatively speaking…but not as much as I would have liked too. I wish Tim would get that nesting instinct since I apparently don’t have it. Though I guess there is still time.

  • Oh when we got the Glider, one of the women asked me if we were having a baby. We said yes, and she asked when we were due and Tim replied “In two weeks” and I added “give or take.” She got this incredulous look on her face and said “What? In two weeks? You look…..*sputter* …. really good!” I thanked her and wondered how big one should look at 38 weeks…Hm. She was also really happy that we were taking the glider because of a baby. I wonder….who else uses gliders though? Old people is all I could think of…
  • I was at a loss for what to make for dinner, so I did a google search on ‘whats for dinner’ and came up with site called….well….what’s for dinner. I went with it and copied the whole dinner idea. Those muffins are not dessert muffins, let me tell you. The homemade mac and cheese with ham was okay and I we just had steamed carrots and broccoli (instead of the jazzed up version). It was a good dinner and we have plenty of leftovers for lunches this week.
  • My living room is totally a disaster zone right now because of moving crap around. Plus the fish tank has to go. I’ll keep the fish in a smaller bowl with the air ….but really I don’t know how much longer she has in her anyway. I feel like I have such a challenge with configuring the living room.
  • Okay I have to go to bed, but first I need to take a blasted shower. I am very close to convincing myself I could do it tomorrow morning…but I hate leaving the house with a wet head and taking the bus means I have to get up super early. Blah. I wish I loved showers like everyone else seems to.
  • Be prepared for TONS of posts after this week…I have a feeling I am going to become super chatty with my extra time before the Bit gets here.

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