I had too much pizza tonight and am suffering for it — as in the too full feeling. I have also been distracted with my awesome TV night by putzing around on the computer.

When I got home, I worked on rearranging the living room to accommodate the new glider. I am proud to say that it’s done and it looks AWESOME here! It’s just so much better…and it will look even better when it’s actually cleaned up, dusted and organized. Just gotta do that and then move onto the office….and finish cleaning up all the other rooms in this place. Oy.

The cats, by the way LOVE the glider. I would really like for them to not scratch it up though…we’ll see how long I can protect it. And I don’t notice the problem we had with it before….awesome. :D

What else…oh that was it for now. Man, I am tired. I could go for a snooze right now, but Journeyman isn’t over yet. Oh I do remember the other thing. We got another package in the mail today, this time from Tim’s old coworker -Mohammed. He sent us a baby monitor and hands down, the cutest little 3-6 month outfit. I am blown away by his taste! It’s SOOOOooooo adorable.

Bacon Bit is kicking around right now and causing me to lose my breath. It slowly gets squeezed out and at the same time I realize I have to pee. Sure signs that someone is stretching.

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