Well, I am officially now unemployed. I’ll get to that later.

Last night we had a record busting thirty four trick or treaters! There was a great age range from little kids to teenagers. I like it when teenagers trick or treat — what I don’t like is when they steal your pumpkin off your front stoop, with the window shades wide open and a darling inside in plain view playing the accordion. I think they felt emboldened because they had just seen me drive away to KFC to pick up some chicken stripes. I guess it’s okay that they took the pumpkin, I didn’t spend much time on it and really it’s the squirrels that are going to miss it more since they had already eaten half of the thing. I just worry about where they smashed it (as surely it was smashed) because it was windy I had put the candle inside a glass candle holder…anyway. Maybe I’ll tell Tim we should walk Pluto tonight in the direction that they ran to see if we can see the remains of it anywhere.

It’s interesting to see how the costumes change from year to year…this year there were no spiderman or princesses when last year that seemed to be the bulk of them. There were a lot of grim reapers and skeletons though. Costumes I like to think more of classic.

My friend Amy really made my night by stopping by with her two boys – one dressed as a bumble bee and the other as a Canadian goose…oh man was that costume great! I took a photo of it that I will post tomorrow when I upload October. I don’t really have that many October photos…or do I? I guess there is Callie and Jason’s wedding, the baby shower, my last day at work, Tim’s deviled eggs, the goose, and one or two of Hilary and her baby boy Cullen. Yeah so maybe there are some good ones in there. Just think, when I upload November there is going to be baby pictures in that batch! Incredible eh?

Today is a belly shot day — but since I have tomorrow off I think I’ll wait then to do it. Will there be a 40 1/2 week photo session? Time is running out for guessing!! No one has guessed Bacon Bit would be born in October…that was prudent. The first guess up is me, for November 4th. I have a feeling I might be wrong on that. :P Following that is Kathleen on the 6th and Steve on the 7th. Whoever is closest, I think I’ll send a little prize. So if you haven’t guessed yet … get to it! Click on the Expect.net banner to your left.

Anyway, yeah so today was my last day at work. It was going to be just me at work, but my coworker decided to stay instead of going to a meeting because today was also the deadline for applications to the program. It was nice to spend the morning with her, doing just normal work. It went by really fast and before I knew it (just like this whole pregnancy) the day was done. It was time to go home. She gave me some postit’s, and I cleaned out my mug and collected the rest of my belongings (another mug, a shawl and some tupperware), filled out my timesheet, hugged her and left. :( At least the day was absolutely beautiful. To keep my mind off of feeling sad, I decided to do what I what would normally do if I had extra time before catching a bus on my last day of work before a weekend — I shopped, got a donut and a fancy coffee. I also stopped by to see my friend Sigrid at the salon she works at. I had decided if she was free I would have a hair cut (only 3-4 inches of my hair off because it’s two shades lighter than the rest of my hair because of the sun). Alas, she was busy so a hair cut/trim was stayed.

I also bought a green fleece sleeper for Nephew whose birthday is the 24th. He’ll be two years old…I got him a size 2T but I think it might be a tad too large for him. He seems kind of scrawny, it’s no wonder considering how short his Mom is though.

I wish Tim would get home already. I want to take a walk with him and Pluto before the sun sets and it gets dark. This will be the last time – oh wait there is tomorrow…but it’s nice today!!! As I was saying, it’s the last time it will be light out when he comes home since daylight savings time is this weekend.

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