This weekend was pretty tame and mellow. Not a bad thing really. On Friday I met up with Tim at this new cocktail lounge over in our neck of the woods by Javacat — called Jade Monkey for afterwork drinks. They made the BEST kiddie (….can you believe that is called kiddie? I thought it was kitty forver!) kidding cocktail, and Tim had a few old man drinks. The place is nice and the happy hour prices aren’t too bad. I could see doing there more often. I could even see bringing the Bit since it is a smokefree joint after all and there are booths we could plop down in. After having a few drinks and spending some quality time with the DH we decided to use our Bucky Book and try out Buck’s pizza — which is up the road.

When we first moved into this place everyone who lives here eventually said “Buck’s Pizza is pretty good.” I forget why it took us this long to try it out…I feel like it was bad service or something. Anyway. The coupon was buy one get one free, so we got two two pizza’s. We picked them up and they packaged them in paper bags on top of a piece of cardboard. Needless to say, by the time we got home they were somewhat warm and not hot. Hm. They were also…okay. I think I prefer Domino’s. :P Friday night we played Gears of War until late and then to bed.

Saturday was a lazy day and we were both just tired and slept a lot. Just didn’t get that much done in general. Tim went off to Meet and Greet and I crocheted on the couch. We watched three episodes of Rome, heated up some tortellini soup I had froze for dinner and played some more Gears of War. Ha ha.

Sunday, I felt like I had a sleep hangover from all the sleep I had on Saturday. Thanks to Daylight’s Savings time I was actually up and able to catch Sunday Morning with Charles O. Hurray! I made some tea, crocheted and enjoyed the morning. Later on I caught up with dishes and picked up a little around the house. Tim went out and started blowing leaves while I started on my recipe collection — until Pluto was let back into the house and I got sick of hearing him whine. So I went out to see what the hold up was in regards to raking leaves and decided to help.

My goodness! How is that doing a little raking can tire me out so darn much? I mean, my arms were just exhausted from a little exercise and I kept getting out of breath. I know, it’s from months of relative inactivity — and the little fact that I am 9 months pregnant…but still — I feel like I can still do anything I want. Ha, except, I have noticed that I am rather unwilling to bend down and get things unless I absolutely have too.

After we finished raking, we went to Border’s to use our 30% off coupons. I told Tim he needed to get a book to pack for the hospital bag, and I wanted to get a baby book. I looked at every single one and in the end decided on a Humble Bumble Baby Journal – I know nothing of the characters, but I did like the format. When we were on the hospital tour they said that they can stamp a baby book if we bring it in when they do the other hand/foot stamps. I like this idea! Then we went to Arby’s to collect on another Bucky book – buy one roast beef sandwich and curly fries and get a second free. It was GOOOOooooddd and you know, since we were there we might as well pop over to PrePlayed to see if they have any of the video games on our preapproved list for xbox 360. Especially since it’s a new month — we get a new video game.

We totally hit the jack pot and got Dynasty Warriors 5 and Perfect Dark. Since Perfect Dark is an older game it was totally cheap — so we got both of these games for the price of one newer (but previously played) game. We went home and played Dynasty Warriors while I struggled with the a vague headache and a loose jaw?

I woke up and felt like my whole jaw has come unhinged. I feel like this today to a certain extent..but not as bad as yesterday. I can’t help but to wonder if this is caused by the relaxin hormone -they say that it affects most of your joints…and my jaw is a joint….so…. maybe a loose jaw is a pregnancy symptom and a sign of labor to come? Anyway.

While we played Dynasty Warriors I baked a sweet potato pie (from scratch, using fresh sweet potatos), chatted with Karen on the phone for a bit and crocheted some more. We went to bed at a reasonable hour and that now brings us to today.

Today I am doing some laundry and … looking for other things to do around the house that don’t involve eating. Man, I am HUNGRY today! It was so weird to not get ready to go work today. I guess I don’t think it has really sunk in….but over the course of this week I bet that being unemployed will. I know, there are tons of things that I should be doing…and I am going to do them! I am! But I don’t feel like it’s nesting at the same time. I am doing this things because I have the time not because I feel compelled to do them.

I like staying busy, you know? Man, I could use some french toast right about now.

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