This maternity/time before the baby is dangerous. I have eaten out TWICE already this week …. on Monday I went to Monty’s for french toast and a side of pototos. Then today after my doctor’s appointment I went to Panera for a half sandwich/soup combo. I keep justifying it by saying “I won’t have many more opportunities to do this” and “I am in the area, so I might as well….”

Tim seems to think that going out for lunch by yourself is akin to drinking by yourself. I disagree with that…but I should watch it. I don’t have any plans for the car to be used tomorrow or the rest of the week so I shouldn’t worry. Tomorrow I am thinking of making cookie dough. You know so that when we want cookies later we can just slice off a few and bake them. I’m thinking chocolate chip, sugar and snickerdoodle.

Speaking of cooking, I made some great progress on my 3-ring binder cooking book. I went through a bunch of papers and my daily list journal and collected all the recipes I did like. The kitchen table and bookshelf already looks a million times better. I will continue to work on it tomorrow.

Also today, I paid bills, and spent entirely too much time trying to replace a cord for a lamp (it involved me smashing parts of it on the back concrete steps) and eventually just salvaged parts of it to fix another unrelated lamp. I also did a load of laundry, put all the tissue and gift bags away in an effort to work on cleaning up the Bit’s room, hung a bunch of blankets on a towel rack, showered and got dressed and went to my 39 week doctor appointment.

The doctor appointment went well. I scored a 118/72 on my blood pressure and despite not looking at my weight gain, I accidentally saw it anyway — and realized I only gained 4 pounds since I went on strike over a month ago! Cool. You really do slow down the weight gain near the end, though I tell you that this tummy feels huge! The doc and I talked and we think that Bacon Bit is not going to be a big as I initially thought…I mentioned that Tim was born on his due date weighing 6 pounds and some change. She indicated that Bacon Bit is bigger than that, but probably by just a pound. So now I am thinking around 7 1/2.

I was asked about our plans for birth control afterwards and again had to say that we plan on using none and would in fact, welcome Irish twins. It would be awesome to conceive for free, why muck up our chances? You have to play to win the lottery, right? Ha ha ha. Each appointment has also ended in “If your water breaks or you feel fluid leaking or contractions be sure to call, and also if you have any questions.”

Tim later said that they say that so people don’t show up at the hospital without warning. I guess he has a point on that. I am trusting that when people say you’ll know when you are labor to cue me in on it. The doc did ask if I had been experiencing any contractions and I told her no, not that I am aware of. You know? I actually feel better this past two weeks then I have in a long time! The crotch pain had decreased, I sleep all night (with the regularly scheduled bathroom breaks), I don’t have heartburn, I have my appetite back (finally!!!) and I don’t feel as tired like I need to nap all afternoon.

Oh my Mom just called, I should talk to her. She’s

Okay what else did I do today? I put a bunch of music on my MP3 player so I am one step closer to being “ready” for heading to the hospital. The laundry I did includes my favorite pants right now (black yoga pants I wore for TKD), so I feel like I am ready clothes wise.

I have been burning candles a lot this past month/summer and I am now proud to say that we are open for business on receiving more scented candles into our home. Awesome! I can now buy the super discounted lovely smelling candles and get them as gifts graciously because we can use them. I had to stop buying candles three years ago because we had too many and they needed to be used. I like the idea of using these things instead of saving them for…when? I dislike the idea of saving special things too long — things like candles, soaps, lotions, stationary….it’s best to use them so that you can try other cool things. Right?

We had spaghetti with pork sausage, onions and garlic for dinner with a slice of sweet potato pie. I only had a little of each because I am not hungry. I am hungry for lunch …but after that…oy. Full for the rest of the day.

Walking Pluto this evening, I felt for the first time pressure down there. I didn’t have to pee, but it felt like something was pushing down my pelvis. I also felt my first cervix kick last night. It was not that pleasant.

Oh my Mom is on the phone, I have to talk to her. :(

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