Bacon Bit is outta control! This baby have been moving up a storm for solid hours….if I were so inclined, I might actually record the wakefulness and see if really does correspond later. Last night the Bit was so active I actually played some calming music via the mp3 player to see if that would calm her. I didn’t, so I ended up just going to bed, and later waking up because for some reason sleeping on my right side can get so painful that I have to scoot sideways out of the bed because I can’t turn around.

It was accompanied by the most painful cramps I have had to date — but I guess it went away because I was able to fall back asleep laying on left side and woke up fine this morning. As I was feeling crappy the thought flitted through my mind “Not tonight! I’m tired and I need another day!” Yeah…I realized I wasn’t this infamous “ready”. Even though technically I am…I mean, we have the stuff one needs and really we could always get it last minute right? Hm. Well, I’ll just keep up with the cleaning and organizing and today I plan on baking and making cookie dough to be frozen for future use.

I will not go out to eat for lunch today. I promise. Besides, Tim and I are planning a last minute hurrah dinner for tomorrow night. I am almost thinking Chili’s…because we haven’t been disappointed by them yet…but that seems sort of a cop out. Tim suggested this Peruvian place — but I don’t know. Do I want to try an unproven place as our possible last dinner out as couple? Hm.

Okay I am going to put on a bra , socks and my contacts so I can get this day started. It’s looks like a beautiful day! All sunny and clear.

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