I am headacheville today…it’s not as bad it could be, but it still sucks. I just finished a glass of coke but feel like one more hit of caffeine might do the trick. I don’t want another coke though…I should just make a little cup of coffee. I think we still have some actual caffeinated coffee around this house….

Yesterday I spent the day clipping recipes from magazines and finally throwing them away. Ahh what a relief. Then I made a menu of food for the next few weeks and made a corresponding grocery list, so that is what I am going to be doing later this afternoon — going to the grocery store.

Tonight we are going to go out to eat at the Essen Haus. We have a Bucky Book coupon for buy one dinner and get the second free. If you know how expensive the Essen Haus is, then you know this is a good deal. :D It will be nice to not have to cook dinner — we have enough leftovers right now as it is.

I watched Eragon yesterday while clipping…well listened to it mostly. The sun was shining brightly on the screen but I couldn’t be arsed enough to close the shades. Besides getting sunlight is good for you. Good for the soul, and really the movie wasn’t that great. Next up I have the Prestige and Knocked Up.

Well, I have a friend coming over today to visit and she’s bringing lunch! I should go take a shower and make an effort to look presentable. It has the double bonus of being ready to go shopping and out to eat later. I also wanted to start a load of laundry and vacuum the living room floor…oh yeah and make some coffee. I am starting to feel a little better.

RIP to the Fish, who lives in a stinky old aquarium for … 2 years by itself! I had moved it to a much smaller bowl with air but it didn’t survive. Poor thing. I just didn’t have the heart to flush it down the toilet alive. At the same time, we couldn’t have the aquarium there anymore and taking our living room as hostage. I think I am done with Fish. No wonder you see so many fish tanks and hamster/gerbil/guinna pig cages at garage sales in the summer.

So far the big losers for guessing Bacon Bit’s Birthday are: Me, Kathleen and Steve. No one guessed for the Bit to be born today….but tomorrow for the 9th, on deck is: Kirsteen, Kathy and Erika.

I have a fabulous prize all ready for the winner. Really I do. So there is still time to get your guess in. Click on the banner to your left.

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