First off, I want to bring you attention to the fact that I updated October Photos (which I see some of you discovered on your own even though I had that page hidden on the last page of photos for a week because I hadn’t gotten around to adding captions). You can access that by clicking on the October 2007 link to your left, or by clicking HERE to get to the whole album.

Last night we had the food of Tim’s ancestors — german fare complete with german music (which Bacon Bit enjoyed very much) and finished it off with the a slice of the german chocolate cake that Zoey recommended. It was okay…I guess we don’t like refrigerated cake…I prefer cake to be at room temperature, especially thick cakes like that or if the cake is a custard type cake that is supposed to be chilled. We came back home and split a bottle of blueberry beer and I really felt like I was living it up. :D

Sleep was not so hot though. Last night was the second time in a row that I woke up for no reason at like 3:00 in the morning. Just wide awake and not tired. I thought it was a fluke the night before, but when it happened again I started to wonder. I mean, this is how the whole thing started. Morning insomnia was my first real, hands on symptom that I was pregnant (of course you know I was obsessively tracking every twinge and possible symptom because I wanted a record of what getting a period was like after taking clomid, and I wouldn’t get my hopes in future tries. Who know we would get so freaking lucky??). I eventually did fall back asleep, but man waking up that early is sort of boring. What can you do?

So I was tired this morning and just decided to watch a movie. I watched Knocked Up and didn’t like it. I guess I just don’t find that sort of dialogue to be that great. I didn’t care for any of the characters…yeah. Thumbs down — even for a chick flick. That reminds me that I need to hurry up and put that in the mail and finish writing some post cards before the mail gets here. Also the microwave is beeping at me that my food has been sufficiently reheated (beans and franks with cornbread).

Hmm the crock pot is starting to smell good!

I need to move and get some stuff done around here. I mean, I should right? Time to put the bra and contacts on! That gets me going more than anything else.

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