Folks up today for the Bacon Bit Guessing Game are: Zoey, Kate and Mike!

Good luck folks.

Oh man, last night I was SOOOOoooo tired that I went to bed at 9:00 PM and woke up this morning at 9:00AM (with a few bathroom breaks in between). I can’t believe I slept that much! Where did all that sleep come from? It’s not like I have lost any sleep the last couple of weeks, or that I did a lot of stuff around the house. It just sort of came out of no where. I feel pretty good today though (not that I have been feeling bad anyway).

Today we are going to rake the yards AGAIN, clean the gutter, install the car seat into the car and then take Pluto to the dog park for a long walk. It has the triple benefit of getting our walks in, letting Pluto run his brains out, and getting him used to having the car seat in the back.

When I woke up I decided to make a big breakfast — you know a good weekend breakfast but then remembered at the last minute we only had three eggs left. So I ended up making sausage, french toast and coco wheats. Tim made a pot of decaf coffee which had a little pumpkin pie spice sprinkled on the grounds and now it tastes gourmet. I got that little tidbit hint from my friend Erika back in college. Anyway so I am now full, and our hour of screwing around is almost up before we go and do something productive. Tim said he is going to clean the gutters, I think I’ll start raking the front yard. I don’t care how much he loves that leaf blower, I think it’s tacky to use it on the front yard. :P

Lastly, I was thinking this morning about how I thought I would be SO MUCH BIGGER with Bacon Bit than I am. I mean, sure there is a belly there that makes it a little harder to get out of bed or put my shoes on, but I honestly don’t feel like that I am that much bigger than the average obese american. I guess my perception of being pregnant was that I would feel like my belly is twice the size is it now…but it’s not. And Bacon Bit is still moving around good and strong. I love it when she does those big strong kicks/punches that completely shakes the whole belly.

Okay the birds toll the hour (yeah, we have one of those bird clocks. My Mom gave us it as a xmas gift three years ago — and while at first we laughed at it…we ended up loving it.)

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