Probable losers today are: Tiara, Mom, Janet, Chuck and Jen.

Yesterday evening we took Pluto to the dog park — which he loved, it was the first time he got to go there all year. We managed to get in two laps before it was too dark to walk anymore, but by then Pluto was tailing us and was done. He did lots of running, sniffing and peeing — complete with that dog show off thing where they scratch the grass. Sheesh. There wasn’t even any other dogs around to see him show off.

Right now he in the kitchen helping Tim get dinner started. Trust me when I tell you that Pluto isn’t a very good helper. You would think he would be tired after our evening walk, but that is not the case. He’d rather stand around in the way. Enough about my damn dog.

I feel like my bathroom stinks because I used that lysol tilex to clean the tile….and it got it clean but now it has this residue smell that just bothers me. I wonder how I can get rid of the stink. Oh I should take a shower and just wipe down everything. Yeah, that’s what I will do.

Anyway, so Tim is starting on the cheesy kielbasa bake — it’s make one and freeze one … see we are still doing the preparation for the Bit. :D I hope it’s good. I bought a package of those casserole tin things that had two in it…so I could freeze one. I think I’ll still need to put some of the press seal stuff over it before putting on the plastic cover. The plastic cover doesn’t strike me as very freeze worthy.

So yeah, last night we went out to the paradise because our friend Chuck was in town for the weekend. Since Madison is smoke free there is no real reason I couldn’t go. :D Let me tell you that apparently people don’t expect full term pregnant ladies to be going out. But I ask you, what am I supposed to be doing? Sitting here looking at my belly button? Yesterday when I was raking leaves my neighbors came over and were a little shocked that I was raking. I told them that it wasn’t exactly high endurance and not that hard. Eventually I did have to stop short of finishing the whole two yards because my back was starting to hurt but that went away after I made lunch and relaxed a bit.

Personally I am quite glad that I am still able to move around, be active, walk and not be in huge amounts of pain or discomfort. I think a part of that is attitude and the other part is just doing it. I mean, if I sat around on the couch the whole 10 months then how would I have the energy to have a baby and then take care of it afterwards when all the sympathy help is gone? Hm?

Today we returned the incomplete crib to Amy, saw some wedding photos (I brought them some of the apple cake I made on Friday), came back and then put together the cosleeper. I’m not very happy to report that Migo already tried it out and I have a feeling some other cat is going to be testing it out tonight as well. I can only hope that when Bacon Bit is here that they respect her space (which I am pretty sure they will do). Otherwise the spray bottle is coming back into play. I think we held off on the cosleeper as long as we could — so I hope that I won’t have to navigate getting in and out of bed with it there while being pretty pregnant for long!

Oh Tim needs help with dinner. So baby watchers…there is no baby today!

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