The only guesser we have for today is Dave! Good luck Dave. :D

Today has been pretty eventful. I went to the Original Pancake with Lowen this morning. It was good to get some more potatoes. :D Since the place doesn’t take credit cards, I remembered to bring my check book. I had blanked on the date and she said November 12 to which I said “Oh yeah, of course I know this date. It’s my due date.”

“You are due today?” the black haired lady said and appraised my tummy.
“Yeah, though I don’t think she is coming today,” I replied.
“You don’t look very big for being due today,” she stated.
“Uh,” I said. And thankfully Lowen said something about how great I looked to change the subject.

How big am I supposed to be?! The truth is, the measurements at the doctors have been a little behind …the OB quit taking them, but the NP did and the bit measured around 36 week last week. Though she said by feeling my stomach that the Bit is probably around 7 pounds. But they weren’t so far behind that anyone seemed worried. Anyway.

Afterwards we checked out the Super Walmart over by Monona/South Town. It’s been about two years since I have last been to a Walmart — and I have never been a super one. I tell you it’s huge, but it seems like their selection isn’t that much better than Super Target. They just have more stuff — like grocery, automotive, etc. I did end up buying a few things — but really I think I’ll be fine sticking with good ol’ Target.

So no baby today yet! I don’t feel any different, just as good as usual. I would like to point out that my the top middle of my tummy has no feeling. It’s weird! I read that can happen but I guess I didn’t believe it. Bacon Bit has been moving around well — it’s kind of strange to see the whole shape of your stomach undulate, but it’s cool. I hope with all this moving around she hasn’t decided to flip positions from her good head down one that she has held onto for so long.

We are starting to the phone calls and random visits (BIL Phil stopped by to see how the lawn was doing and, I think, to check up on us). It kind of surprises me, I mean do people think (and by people I guess I specifically mean family) that we won’t tell them when Bacon Bit arrives? That two weeks later or something when they call to see, we would say “oh yeah, Bacon Bit came two weeks ago.” Sheesh. On the other hand, they hardly ever keep us updated on their going ons and stuff (though they seem to do a great job of keeping each other updated). So maybe they are expecting to be treated like they treat us? I don’t know. It’s not that I am unhappy with the current situation — in fact, I am quite comfortable with it.

Whelp, it’s almost 4:30 and already it’s getting dark outside. How sad. It was so nice today, and I’m glad that I got out and about for a bit. Today and tomorrow is 60 degree weather and sunny. That means there are at least two more days that I will enjoy walking the dog — even if the walks are happening at night in the dark.

Migo has taken over the cosleeper as her own. Today I bought a pack of those battery operated touch lights that I can put on the wall next to the cosleeper since I can no longer access a bedside lamp. I would like to be able to see Bacon Bit at night without having to get up and turn on the big lights and make a huge fuss. That would be sort of annoying for Tim I am sure. I think I’ll try it out tonight and see how my idea works.

Okay, I gotta wrap Tim’s Birthday presents now before he gets home in case something interesting does happen before his birthday (which I am sure I mentioned — I hope Bacon Bit doesn’t decide to come on that day…). I also have to figure out what the heck is for dinner. My second breakfast still has me feeling pretty stuffed.

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