Well, I think the infamous nesting has finally started. I might say it started yesterday but that might not be the truth. I had to clean the office. It was a disaster in there, and I had left it longer than normal because it not only needed a cleaning, but a major organizing and rearranging overhaul. So yesterday I decided it was time to tackle it. Especially since I had a mini panic attack the night before about “not being ready.” I successfully squashed that — and went to sleep. But why put off what you can do today? I am now proud to say that the office has been completely cleaned … we still need to move some computers around — but that’s minor. It also took me all day to do. I did take a brief break to go to Happy Bambino with Hilary because I was going to talk to the owner about ordering the Getting Started diaper package, but she wasn’t there and I wasn’t eager to talk to apathetic clerk lady that was. Besides, I don’t know if I told you this, but I think Bacon Bit is afflicted with the same magnetic curse that I am. You know, I could walk into a store that hasn’t seen a customer in years and within 10-20 minutes there will be five other people getting in my way. Well, with Bacon Bit it has increased that by 2-3 people. The store was packed by the time we left and I hadn’t gotten a thing. I decided I would email the owner (still on the list of things to do).

I went home and cleaned, cleaned, cleaned — and by the time Tim got home I was very tired. However we ate dinner (home made pizza that Tim made!), and walked the dog. Walking the dog was difficult because I had over done it. I was going to visit my friend Laima afterwards but I was too tired to anything but sit and crochet/play vids with Tim.

Today, is Tim’s Birthday! Hurray!

We woke up and I made him a hot breakfast while he opened his birthday presents. That chump knew exactly what I bought him because when he took the music stand out of the box he swiftly assembled it with practiced hands and said something about having one when he was in high school and played the trombone. He knew what it was while it was wrapped in the box! At least he didn’t know what the other one was — the task/computer/armless chair that is perfect for both computer and accordion use. I thought the gifts worked well together and were practical.

I drove Tim to work and stopped by Cafe Zoma on the way home to pick up a cinnamon bun and small mocha.

While I was at cafe Zoma, I had to pee really bad and after putting my order in I went to the bathroom. I came out and they asked what my last comment was. I said I had needed to use the bathroom (they thought I might have said decaf). I said “No, give me the caffeine. Maybe that will shake the baby out.”

“Are you over due?” they asked.
“Yeah,” I replied.
“Drink a glass of whiskey,” the brown haired girl said. “My grandmother was like two months over due, and so they gave her a glass of whiskey and wrapped her in warm blankets. The next thing she knew the labor was half over! Or so the story goes.”

“I’m not ready for whiskey yet, but maybe by Monday,” I replied and got my coffee and bun and left. I’ll never be ready for whiskey, I hate hard alcohol.

I went home and tried to catch up with the internet before jumping into the shower for my doctor’s appointment.

The doctor’s appointment was uneventful. I got checked and the Bashful Cervix struck again! As some of you know I have very, very tilted cervix — something that has not changed much apparently in the last 10 months. You see, it’s so tilted that no doctor or nurse fingers can actually fit far enough back there to tell how much dilation has occurred. Sigh. She did say that it was super squishy and soft, and that Bacon Bit is extremely low down in the pelvis. Which would explain why I know measured only 35 weeks. Seriously, why does she keep bothering? She even said after she took it that those measurements have no effect after 35, especially when the baby moves south. She hazarded a guess at 50% effaced and 1 centimeter dilated, though she did say it could have have been more but she couldn’t tell. She also added that the cervix comes down during labor. Well I would hope so!!!! I just wish it could stay that way!

She is going by their due date for me which is Nov. 11 — and so my appointment next Monday (if no Bacon Bit is here) then I have to have a NST (non stress test) while I am there to make sure everything is hunky dory and to schedule an induction based on the state of my cervix. Let’s hope I don’t get that far! If anything because anytime starting this afternoon to Friday means Tim would get the two Thanksgiving days piled in and I would have him home that much longer. (He only gets five days).

After that I went to Burlington Coat Factory — I forgot that they had a Baby Depot…and my god I am so glad I went! Everything there is way cheaper than Babies R Us, Target or Walmart. I found my backseat mirror for 8 dollars cheaper than walmart — exact same thing! I also got a foam rug/matt for the kitchen sink, a new shower curtain and a closet organizer for the Bit’s room (one of those thing that hang down in the closet). I spent way to much time there and when I finally emerged and got myself home it was 12:30.

I immediately went to hang up the closet organizer only to discover that the hooks are too small to fit the wooden rod in the closet. No biggie, I’ll use some shower curtain hooks to rig something up….and so I went off to look for that under the bathroom sink. One thing led to another and before you know it, I had completely cleaned and organized the linen closet, the bathroom cabinet drawers and underneath the sink. By the time I hit the kitchen it was already 2!

The kitchen took me 2.5 hours…I won’t go into detail about how I cleaned and scrubbed the garbage can, had to sweep up a broken champagne bottle (it was filled with rocks that I had been using a base for a broken lamp) that missed bin by inches. I also got a pretty nasty cut on my knuckle while cleaning it up. Oh yeah, and I did the dishes, baked Tim a cake AND decorated it with my homemade cream cheese frosting.

I think you will agree with me that this is what you would call nesting. I can’t believe it didn’t kick in until now! Just THINK of all the stuff I could have done around here if I had extra shots of it throughout the weeks leading up to now. Man.

If Bacon Bit isn’t here by tomorrow, then I plan on having breakfast with my friend Sigrid (who will also be Pluto sitting when the time comes), washing all the cabinets, sweeping and vacuuming all the rooms in the house (since everything is finally organized and cleaned to my liking)…and yeah. Then I can wait? Nah…I still got that cookbook to finish, and I decided to go through my magazines and cut out recipes and ideas that I liked.

Like decorating pine cones for Christmas.

As for how I feel? Well, it could be the nesting or it could be that something is finally starting to happen because this afternoon I started to feel rather crappy. I also realized that I might actually have had a contraction or two. At first I thought it was the baby moving, but then I realized that it better fit the description of a whole stomach hug. It was only once or twice though. I am also just feeling…crappier. Maybe I need to take it down a notch. I don’t know.

Lastly, I went to pick Tim up after work and we went to Mad City Crab House for some oysters (for Tim) and a drink. Then we went to New Orleans take out and he got a fried oyster po’boy and I got a cod poboy and we came home to eat it. I finished decorating the cake and realized …. for the umptenth time that I cannot decorate a cake to save my hide. However,… the frosting is awesome and I look forward to having a piece of cake after we get back from walking Pluto.

Sorry I didn’t update yesterday! I was caught in the throes of instinctua
l nesting — getting ready. I hope this long post makes up for it.

There were EIGHT losers for todays guessing! Tomorrow Hilary, Jessie and Sarah are up. Good luck ladies. :D

One more thing, Tim said this morning “This waiting is hard.”

I think someone is getting anxious!

Even one more thing — I wore that floral shirt from the Baby shower to the appointment today…the one that makes me actually look pregnant — and this woman in the elevator up asked me “How far along are you?”

I said “40 and 2″

“Really?” she replied. “You really look like you are going to explode! Like it’s twins in there! It’s all right out there in front of you!”

So HURRAY!!!!!! I FINALLY got that comment! I’m so happy. :D It’s only in that outfit though. :( When I wear my hoodie and regular other clothes no special privileges are afforded to me. I get asked if I want a beer…etc.

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