What can I say? It would see that Bacon Bit takes after her Dad’s side of the family already. Always late. Always “five more minutes.” Tim tried to say that the Bit was operating on Indian time, but we all know that’s baloney. If an Indian says they will show up on one day they will — even if it’s at the end of the day.

So. the Bit’s room is done…as done as it’s gonna be. We don’t have a crib. We kept the day bed in there because it will work as a great diaper changing spot, and well, a guest room because Bacon Bit is going to be sleeping with us for a long time – or until Bacon Bit hit 30 pounds. The room sort of looks like a kids room, not really a baby’s room though it’s filled with baby stuff. Still need to have a place for that stuff. I had just as hard of a time going through that room as I did going through the office! It’s organizing things that I have no real knowledge of. I mean, Bibs and burb clothes go together right? They can be in the same drawer? And I sorted through and hung up all the sleepers/coverall type things up and kept the onsies in the drawer for 0-3. Um. I even decided to wash all the receiving blankets because I needed to wash the awesome Finnish snowsuit I got — and since it needed to a full load I also washed Tim’s white T-shirts and used the Dreft soap (because I have it..why not?). Now Tim is going to smell like a baby today! Ha ha.

Last night I made a spicey pumpkin soup and pumpkin gingersnap pudding — I needed to use the whole can of pumpkin. I toyed with the idea of making candies today — you know like brittle, bark, fudge, etc…but then Tim screwed around and decided to take the car. Actually he might not have screwed around that much — I just think he’s into taking the car to work and not riding bike because “What if you have a baby.” Despite constant reassurances that I won’t have a baby within an hour…he decided his way was better.

So I could make some stuff…I mean, I do think I have all the ingredients for some things. Hm. So going to the store wouldn’t HAVE to happen.

Anyway. Today I was going to clean. Now that everything has a place and is set, cleaning is gravy! In fact I could have a cleaning lady/dude even come and it would be okay. Or if someone wanted to offer to help clean (not that I think anyone would) but still.

Bacon Bit is really active. Last night her activity was … hurty active in which I decided that laying down would just be better. There just isn’t enough room in there for sitting and that kind of stretching. Which I am feeling now — so I should just get up and vacuum or something. I bet moving around will put the Bit to sleep.

I should also make some tea.

Folks up today in the Guess when Bacon Bit Finally Decides to Show are: Laima, my online friend Talena (childlight) and my step-dad Frank.

The list of folks is getting decidedly smaller.

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