I woke up pretty early this morning…well not that early I guess at 7.30 because Arkham was having a hissy fit about not being fed on time (half an hour late). I had gone to bed at 1:00am or so….I wasn’t that tired. Anyway, so I got up and decided to take a bath. I took a good long 45 minute bath, got dressed, internetted for awhile and then dozed for a bit on the couch until Tim woke up. Oh yea, I had my leftover Come Back Inn breakfast too….anyway. I finished entering addresses in my address spreadsheet (should make xmas cards a bit easier this year) and then decided to go for a walk.

The sun was out, it was crisp but not too cold so I decided to walk to the Wisconsin Craft Market (a 1/2 hour walk there..) to look around. It’s a store that has little…shops…which is made by local craftspeople. Really, it’s like going to a craft show except it’s a store that is manned the people who have stuff there. Sort of like a craft co-op. I went to buy some soap, but also found a few cute ornaments and the biggest surprise of all — Laima!

Laima and I decided to talk a walk afterward, we stopped at Java Cat to get treats and then tool around the Monona neighborhoods for awhile. Eventually we found our way back to her car and drove to Menards so I could save a ton of money on buying winter proofing stuff for the windows. In addition, I got a caulk rope this year for hard to plastic windows — namely the kitchen window. While I was there I also bought a 10 pack of C and D batteries for the baby swing and the bouncinette. I figure that we are going to be putting these to good use and it was good to have them around. One should always have a supply of various batteries in their house, right?

Tim called at one point and asked where I was. I told him I was at Menards (about 5-7 miles away from where we live) and he got worried. He said he thought that I was in a dark place regarding Bacon Bit and finally had decided to try a Zoey tactic to have her (which is do a LOT of walking). I laughed and said no, and confessed to having run into Laima. Ha ha.

The walking around was good. I don’t feel like I am going into labor though. I did start to feel a bit like I was getting my period but that has since passed since sitting on the couch. I am thinking I would like something delicious for dinner but am not sure how motivated I am to make it. :P Especially since all I have had to eat today is some leftover breakfast from yesterday, some M&M’s and a brownie.

I am sort of sad about Thanksgiving this year. Our plan had been to go to Tim’s parents for Thanksgiving. They generally put out a good spread. Well, since we have NO idea when Bacon Bit will get here and unless it happens tonight the chances of induction and it happening this week are pretty high. Bacon Bit sort of really should be born by Sunday. So. We miss out on a great home cooked meal that I didn’t have to make and are stuck with what? Cold cereal. *cry*

I really look forward to Thanksgiving dinners too.

Who wants to bring us a Meals on Wheels Thanksgiving dinner?

Also, there were NO guessers for today and tomorrow we have Laima’s Mom (Zane) and Amanda. Good luck ladies. You are sure gonna need it.

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