Well, we finally have some Thanksgiving plans!

The 41 week doctor appointment went well. Bacon Bit passed the nonstress test with flying colors. I am almost completely effaced and Bacon Bit has moved even further down that before, however the cervix remains stubbornly closed and only a fingertip dilated. That means no membrane sweeping was possible (you need at least 2-3 inches dilated for that) and it means induction.

We were given the option of Thursday (Thanksgiving Day) or Saturday. We opted for Thursday because we would really rather not have Bacon Bit share her birthday with a cousin. Plus, it’s not like we can travel anywhere. We start on Thursday morning REALLY early at 5:30 AM with the cervix ripening and then they’ll start the picotin later in the day. Hopefully, Bacon Bit is all ready to come out and just needs a little prompting.

Things I am worried about (because I always have to be worried about something):

-what are we gonna do with Pluto since everyone is out of town? Tim is going to have to leave a few times during the day to let him out … and what if he leaves during THAT critical time?

-What is Tim going to eat? Since I can’t eat anything (read order extra food) until the Bit is born.

Oh I have lots more thoughts and stuff regarding this. I am still processing it all. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed that the Bit wasn’t able to pick her own birthday. That I am sad that this couldn’t start naturally — I had hoped that we would have only needed help in just getting the baby process started.

As a friend said to me today ” I know that if I learned anything from the “let’s have a baby” process, it’s that nothing works like you imagined it would.”

No kidding!

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