Last night…went to Petsmart for fish food and cat litter. Followed by a trip to Best Buy to get a hub and a video game for me (The Thing…anyone play it? It’s creepy managing everyone’s fear, and gaining trust…it’s all so psychological….). Since I think pool night is cancelled tonight, I am going to just have to stay home and play my game. 8)

And then food shopping. I hate food shopping sometimes, it seems like we get all the same stuff, and when we get home there is nothing good to eat anyway. The only good things were the beer, margarita mix, and tequila (because summer ain’t over yet). I started my game and was killed by one of my crew right away because I accidentally shot him, and had a beer. Started over and got a headache after and hour and had to go to bed. I needed to repay some of my sleep debt anyway.

Paul is back today! Yah! I miss his adventures and drama.

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