Hey everyone, just a quick note to let you know that we are adjusting to life with baby. It was particularly hard because Morella would not latch on and it took a couple of days, several doctor appointments and lots of frustration to finally get to a nipple shield, finger feeding, milk FINALLY came in, lots of pumping solution that we are going to try for the next few days.

I am just so glad that we get to stay home tomorrow and don’t have to be anywhere.

I also can’t believe how fast it’s going already. My little baby is starting to grow! WE have a baby. I have a little girl. A daughter. She so sweet and I just love her to bits.

I struggle with emotional breakouts — I have taken to warning Tim when I feel one coming on. I am also still pretty sore because of the 2nd degree tearing that happened when she finally came out. It feels like it almost got worse the last two days but that could be because of all the moving around and getting in and out cars and sitting and blah blah blah. I am still also running on hormones which means I can get by with less sleep than Tim — but I think my days are numbered.

I think I will be able to write more tomorrow when we are at home and in more of a schedule — or at least figuring each other out.

Having Tim home has been great and I really wish it was for more than week. He’s been so good with Morella and helping around the house and dealing with his lack of sleep.

I’ll leave with you some photos of the Bit.Morella swimming in her going home outfit. Her first real outfit – all the 0-3 mo clothes just swim on her…we have limited newborn stuff and had to buy some more — thankfully from the good will of Kate and Eric and their gift card. :D It was too late to by booze from Target though — though we also got a boppy (invaluable in feeding the Bit), and some jammies for me (same reasoning).

SO freaking CUTE!

A pretty common Morella look. It’s related to her Pirate look (also known as Popeye)


Since there were NO winners in the guess the birth day for Morella, we are going to the next category which was guessing weight and height. For that, the closest guess (only off and ounce and inch) goes to Carla!! Congratulations Carla, your prize is almost in the mail. :) Thank you to everyone participated.

Also, THANK you to everyone who wished us well and for your congratulations. We really appreciate it.

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