Our neighbor’s are really helping us out by snowblowing the side walk and some of the driveway. Every year I usually make them a cookie tray — but since I don’t think I’ll be doing that this year I need to think of another way to say thanks. That is super nice of them.


Carla you are right the Mylicon didn’t work. In fact it seemed to make her feel even worse. I tried three times and was rewarded with an inconsolable baby for a long time afterward. Another person had suggested that it might be a dairy allergy and really that thought overwhelms and depresses me. I had thought I was okay with the lactose free stuff — but apparently it’s the proteins in dairy that is the problem.

Great, so I have colicy milk right now? They say that it can 10 days for you to notice a difference. So eliminating diary for 10 days…but you know looking at the literature I should also be avoiding: dairy (butter, cheese, all kind of milk, nougat), chocolate, caffeine, citrus, onions, beans.

I mean, what am I supposed to eat then? I don’t know! How can I do this? I don’t know. :( I hope that that gripe water gets here by tomorrow. I had read lots of people say that mylicon didn’t work but that gripe water did. I mean, millions of Europeans can’t be wrong can they? A part of me almost wishes that it was just colic and not some dairy allergy …. though another part of me says that I can do something about the diary allergy to make her feel better. But who can say? I wish there was some test I could do to simply see whether or not that is the problem.

Of course, everything also says that it will get better in 3-4 months. Yeah, that what is what EVERYTHING says. That is not very heartening to hear here at two and half weeks. That I have two and half months more of crying, unhappy, baby. I just feel so bad for her when there is nothing that seems to make her happy.

At least she is taking a nap now. The only way I could get her to sleep was to nurse her — even with the nipple shield! And that took several attempts and at least two hours. She was up from 9-2 ish at this. And this was how she was last night too.

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