Today has been (so far) great. It took her awhile to go to bed last night, but she finally did at 1:00. Got up at 5.30 to eat, and then 9 and 10. I had to stop feeding her before 11 so that that she would be good and hungry in time for the lactation appointment. She slept most of the time. She has been such a different baby than yesterday. Today she is mellow, sleepy and sweet.

The lactation appointment went great! Well, she only gained 6 ounces (should have had a weight gain of 9 oz), but more importantly we got her to latch AND nurse from the left breast for a good long time. Long enough to get 1.4 oz out of it. The right side produced 1.9 oz. And of course, she didn’t fail in producing another — “climbing up her back, and spilling over” poops. It amazes that she has done this every single time we are at the office. I have only seen her do this once at home, and every single time we have been to the doctor she poops — this last one was a good 2 oz.

Anyway. The LC seemed to think the appointment was a outstanding success and that Morella is really coming along and figuring it out. I have to try and latch her with a smaller sandwich…and wait…my let down is much slower on the left side than the right side — which babies live for. I just hope that I can repeat the success on my own. She said to stop using the shields. But … .will I be able to get her to latch by myself? Oh wouldn’t that be nice? No more worrying about pumping and figuring out if I should or shouldn’t. Plus, she seems to eat faster when it’s just at the breast than with a bottle. But those bottles are invaluable when it comes to fussy time, for when I need a break and for baby sitters.

The LC didn’t seem to think it was a dairy problem but just normal baby gassiness due to an immature digestive system. She suggested longer nursing sessions to get more of that hindmilk. At least 15 minutes….and she said that might help with the gassiness. I am still looking forward to getting gripe water in the mail though. So far it hasn’t arrived.

I have a belated 3 week check up tomorrow anyway, I’ll see what the pediatrician has to say. After that, I don’t have to see another doctor until the 2 month check up ( except for my six week postpartum which I have scheduled yet still). Well, except for another lactation appointment next Monday.

Anyway. Morella was/is awesome so far today! I wish every day could be like this. I celebrated by going to McDonald’s and picking Tim up from his work early. Ahh.

But with all this sleeping, I have a feeling she’ll be up later tonight for a long time. :(

So…I think my first outing with Bacon Bit was a success! I didn’t forget anything, she was bundled, I didn’t crash the car or get stuck, and I actually felt pretty confident about getting out. But how will it be tomorrow with a early morning appointment of 9.30? Having all morning to plan for a 2:00 outing is much easier than a morning one I think. Well her diaper bag is all packed. That should help.

I SHOULD be napping in an anticipation of a long night and early morning — as in I won’t be able to catch up on my sleep in the morning. I don’t feel guilty about that at all! It’s my reward for the late night duty.

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