Today Morella peed on two people…well three if you include her. This morning was another poopsplosion where I actually, get this folks — I actually got to CATCH poop as it squirted out of her … good thing I had a wipe in my hand. When she was finished with all of that she gave herself a rinse cycle.

The second time was a the doctor’s office — apparently the cold air makes a wee one want to wee. She never fails to leave some kind of offering for these medical professionals.

Last night, after feeding the Bit … all natural! Yeah you read it! She has now latched on several more times successfully on the left side without a shield! Oh my gosh this is great. It’s amazing how much of a burden was lifted from me. Now I just need to pump whenever I want to make extra for a bottle. Well she was awake and aware but quiet. I was tired so we all went to bed. She eventually put herself to sleep — thus allowing all of us to get some sleep.

This morning she was a slow eater and I had an early doctor appointment. I finally had to cut her off and left us only 10 minutes to get ourselves dressed and out the door. In the process, as I get her into the car I realized “I forgot the diaper bag again.”

And of course the diaper bag has my purse and my keys and yes…I just locked myself out of the house again. A lucky stroke of fate had my cell phone in my pocket versus my purse and I was able to call Tim and wail. He said to keep the appointment and then drive to his work place to pick up his keys afterward. Obviously that plan worked out well otherwise this post wouldn’t be happening.

The doctor appointment went well. She weighed 7 lbs 6.5 oz (though she probably lost some of that in pee?) and measured 21 inches long! I asked if she grew that much and the nurse said probably not — and suggested that the hospital measurements might be off. I don’t know. I like to think she that grew a bit — maybe that is where those calories are going. So she is long and lean — but still only 15% weight. I have to make another appointment with her if the Monday lactation appointment seems to think that she is gaining slowly. Personally, I think now that she can eat from both sides of the dinner table — that she will start gaining more weight. Plus she is awake more, she follows more of a typical newborn eating schedule, and she knows what she is doing now. Here’s hoping.

Our no nonsense “babies are fussy because they have opinions” peditrician also showed me how to unclog Morella’s right tear duct. I thought that would clear up on it’s own…I guess not. She has to have that done 3 times a day (easy though) and we need to put vaseline on her face to protect her skin from the backed up tears. Ugh. Who likes to have vasaline smeared on their face? I don’t. Good thing Morella is a baby and doesn’t know any better.

Man, I could use a nap. I didn’t get to do my usual sleep in. This living room needs me a pick me up too though…but my back hurts and like I said I am tired. I am going to see is she is awake and wants to eat … or if I could sneak her into a nap.

Oh and at the doctors’ office the Dr. said “She is awake and alert now and it looks like she is hungry.” Meaning, she wanted me to feed her right there. I hemmed and hawed — how can one do this without a bunch of pillows?! But eventually relented because I didn’t want to look like a bad Mom. So I did my first feeding in public (ha ha — okay a closed office) — but hey I did it without pillows. She said that the latch was great and that we were both doing good. Maybe she just wanted to see proof of breastfeeding? I mean, she also suggested last time we were there to feed her before heading out. We declined at that time because we were both too tired and wanted to get home and nursing with a nipple shield is a huge pain.

Of course as I sat there hunched over the baby she suggested that I “relax and enjoy it.” I said this was already a hundred more times relaxed than it has been. I am no where near that blase, serene woman holding a child with one hand and surfing the internet, making dinner or woodworking with the other. I need both hands!

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