It’s 10:30 — I put her down to scream it out. She was all froggy and struggling to breath again so Tim thought a good crying fit would help her. She cried for about 7 minutes while I pumped — because she rejected me again straight out, but then latched onto my thumb and was still clearly hungry.

She is hungry. But refuses the breast, and drinks a bottle VERY slowly. Like an ounce an hour. Her stuffy nose and froggy throat have not gotten better despite the humidifier and no noticeable boogers in her nose.

Gah. Do we wait until next Monday to do something about this? Or is this something I can call the clinic about? I don’t know how this works?! Would they even believe me? I feel like I need to have Tim there with me to prove my case.

Why is she refusing the breast now? Even in the beginning days with the bad latching and nipple shields she would at least try. Now overnight she’s like — no thanks?

I mean, she did nurse at 6:00 for a good 25 minutes. But that was it, oh and this morning at 3.30am — but all other attempts are for naught. Is she going to be on the bottle now for the next couple of days? Do I just continue what I am doing? Is this breastfeeding venture on the verge of collapse?

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