Morella: 26 Days

Last night she went to sleep a little roughly. Her breathing is a pain for me to hear — I wish I could fix it right away. We got her to sleep by letting her have a good cry (no longer than 15 minutes) she only cried for 7 though before crashing out. I called the clinic and have an appointment with another pediatrician tomorrow morning at 11.45am.

After taking way too long this morning trying to get her to breastfeed (success at only 45%) and an hour had passed she was getting sleepy again and she needed to eat. So I succumbed to bottle so that I could go and pump. I woke Tim up for that duty, but it was like 5.30 at that point anyway. :P

She went to sleep after eating only about an ounce and half. I figure that she might have gotten an ounce from me. Not that much. She slept for another 3 hours before I woke up her up to eat again — again from bottle and after I had pumped. At some point I just decided to pump today and give ourselves the day off. Her breathing still isn’t that great — I might try breast feeding her later — but right now I want to see her eat as much as she can.

That said, I am feeling so much better today. She is sleeping most of the day. I get her up to eat every 2-3 hours and she nibbles on the bottle. I am keeping track of how much she is eating so far — and so far we are only up to about 10-11 ounces. She’s still eating very slowly.

Really, it’s amazing how much better I feel today. So the plan:

go to pediatrician tomorrow and see what he says
go to pediatrician on Monday and see what she says

weigh their opinions

possibly go with a private lactation consultant who does home visits and gives unlimited support for one time fee

—————-I feel a little better having a plan for now.

I love her today. She is the cutest, sweetest little baby I ever did see. I love putting socks on her only to see maybe minutes later she is sockless on one foot. Her feet are just the most adorable things ever. Of course her outfit makes her look like a little boy today — but hey those colors are perfectly acceptable and those socks totally say girl.

I think she is looking different. Her nose has come out more, her hands are a little bigger, the cro-magnum crease is mostly gone from her face. Her hair is filling out a bit. She’s so darn precious when she has her eyes open and is studying something SO intently.

When I woke up to look at her this morning she has busted an arm free from her swaddle and had her arm raised above her head. I nearly melted.

– oh and today was also awesome because Hilary stopped by with donuts that I ravenously scarfed down moments after she left. What a good friend. :D

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