Yesterday I scored a whole bunch of glass test tubes from one of the labs. At least fifty of them with screw tops. I spent last night transferring my beads into the tubes, and watched some TV. More or less background noise…but I was fortunate enough to learn that the steve tyler didn’t know he had liv until she was nine years old. Did laundry…or rather…gathered laundry and Tim did it, but I did put it away. 8P Later I wandered around on the net. I see that Catalyst is up and running again, and at the same locale that I saw GhoulTown at….it’s this Saturday. Problem is…. Tim is going to London, so if I wanted to go, I would have to go alone.

I suppose that isn’t a problem…but it is a big city, and I am a girl. Luckily I think I convinced Coldwar that he should go with me. 8) Although if he doesn’t end up going, I still will probably go. I think. Sometimes I wish I had friends who liked going out to clubs once in awhile still—that maybe kind of lived in Chicago and not Minneapolis, Madison or Milwaukee.

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