We just got back from an overnight stay at the grandparents (Tim’s side) for Christmas. It was a pretty special one because not only was it Morella’s first Christmas but she was also baptised. :D Her Grandmother got her, hands down, the most completely adorable baptismal gown I have ever seen. I mean, it was perfect — it’s heirloom quality.

It was a fine Christmas and Morella made out like a bandit! She got some great outfits but more importantly she got to spend lots of one on one time with her relatives. Tim and I got in a few naps ourselves. ;)

Without out further ado — here are some photos!

An update on the doctor’s appointment on Monday — Morella gained 7 ounces. Yes, you read that right. She gained 7 ounces in four days. What did we do different in those four days you might ask? We bottlefed her expressed milk and she was on baby zantax. It was a tough four days though because all day was spent feeding baby off and on. We are all fairly certain that she has reflux and so it took forever. It was nice to see that this hard work paid off though (not only in constant feedings but the pumping schedule too). The doctor recommended that we start adding a teaspoon of rice cereal to her bottle to thicken the milk and keep it in her tummy (try to reduce episodes of reflux). After two days, I think we both agree that it’s having an affect. She is eating her bottle faster, not having as many episodes — oh and yeah she is drinking from a regular bottle nipple now. The special haberman feeder won’t work with the thickened milk.

We are having another weight check on Monday, and she is still going ahead with the suck/swallow test next week to evaluate that. She is still having difficulty with breastfeeding — this really might be something that she just one day “gets” — but at this point in time she doesn’t. In the meantime, the best I can do is offer it to her once awhile with no pressure — and continue pumping, thickening, feeding and giving her medicine. The plus side to this (aside from her great weight gain, less fussiness and overall more happy baby) is that Tim gets to spend some quality bonding time with her. Not to mention that I get to spend time with her without feeling overwhelmed and like a failure.

Anyway. She stirs…I must go.

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