Stinky Baby

Tim declared Morella to be too stinky to feed so we just HAVE to give her a bath. She is pretty stinky — she spits up … well is it spit up if she never swallowed it to begin with? Well when that stuff oozes out and we aren’t fast enough to catch it with a burp cloth (why aren’t we using bibs???? note to self, start using them!) then they slide into neck folds where they molder….and thus we end up with a stinky baby.

She isn’t feeding as great today. She was all fussy and not feeling that well this morning. She has been tooting all afternoon, so I think it’s a combination gas and reflux (since she keeps straightening out and eating really slowly and lack lustery). I am so tempted to just give her a bottle of straight up expressed milk without the rice thickener because maybe she would eat faster…but I don’t know how much good that would do. Other than that, she was up most of the day. Just looking around. Not wanting a whole lot of interaction with me or Tim but wanting to be held (not too close though!) and just … chilling. :D She finally crashed at around 5:00 in my arms and instead of fighting it, I just went to sleep with her. So for two hours we all slept in this house. She is still sleeping right now in fact — only getting up to eat a 1.5 ounces…though she’ll be up more in a bit when she takes that bath.

Hilary had gotten her an adorable outfit a few weeks ago, and when she first got it she swam in it. Today she fits this outfit perfectly. I mentioned this to her and she said that next week I’ll be packing it up. That just a little bittersweet — she’ll officially outgrow an outfit (and possibly a few more). At the same time she’ll be entering the wide world of 0-3 month clothing. No more Newborn for our little Bit.

Not only is Morella being much more wakeful, but I tried out the exercise gym (play mat thing) that we had gotten from Lowen and it’s broken. The music has a glitch that it plays over and over. We are going to try and return it to Babies R Us without a receipt tomorrow…but we did try it out and she loves it! She likes looking at the stuff hanging down and the light… I had tried it out in the beginning and she wasn’t interested but now she is. I also think she is getting some chub to those cheeks! Maybe she’ll get the Redeagle cheeks…maybe.

Oh the bath begins, I should go hover. I have yet to give her a bath on my own. Tim is just so good at it. I did take a shower with her once…but that isn’t the same. In minutes we will have a clean smelling fresh baby. Normally she loves baths, but right now I hear crying. I think it must because she doesn’t like being awakened from a nap to take a bath.

Tomorrow we have a weight check for the baby…I hope she does well. I am already not looking forward to Tim going back to work. :(

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